Review: A Cursed Moon (Weird Girls, #2.5) by Cecy Robson

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5 Cursed Stars

If you read the last book, you’ll know that hell broke loose and Aric crushed Celia’s heart. However, after reading this novella, my heart softened for him…a little. Lots of revelations in “A Cursed Moon”.

Bren, Dan and Celia made me grin like an idiot while I read this book. Their banter, jokes and daily interaction was just laugh-out-loud funny. I loved getting to know Bren and learning about his past and why he joined Aric’s pack. It was also very interesting to reminisce on the first time Bren meeting Dan. At the end; wow what happens to Dan was a shocker. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but reading this short story was well worth the information we learn about Bren, Dan, Aric, and Celia.

If you have not picked up this series I highly recommend it. Cecy does not disappoint. She takes her fans on a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions as well as lots and lots of action.

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