Review: Berrr’s Vow (Zorn Warriors, #4) by Laurann Dohner

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Berrr’s Vow

Sci-Fiction Romance – Erotica – 18+ Adult

Kidnapped from Earth and transported to planet Zorn to be sold as a sex slave, Shanna is one angry, frightened woman ready to fight anyone who tries to touch her. Raised in foster care, she’s not going to take any crap off some alien men no matter how big, terrifying or muscular they are. Before she can be sold, she’s freed by a huge, sexy Zorn warrior… a warrior with the most beautiful blue eyes she’s ever seen. Shanna demands he take her under his protection when she realizes she’s stuck on Zorn.

Hyvin Berrr, the leader of Zorn, thinks humans are helpless and weak. Shanna decides to teach the big hunk he’s wrong by knocking him on his backside. He might think she’s playing but she’s trying to teach him a lesson. She’s not sure if she wants to fight her feelings for the sexy alien, though if a woman has to lose a battle, this just might be the one time to concede.


4.5 Vowing Stars 

Berrr’s Vow is book 4 in the Zorn Warriors series. We are taken back to Zorn were Warrior’s want human women to bound with; because they can fulfill all there sexual needs. Zorn is a planet with a high sex drive and if the men don’t have sex they die. How they manage to get any work done amazes me. If you have read the other books in this series then you understand the laws that govern Zorn and the Warrior men as well as the hierarchy structure. I have to say Berrr’s Vow is the best book in this series next to Tempting Rever. Laurann Dohner finally found her stride in this world and what she wanted to portray. From the very first page we are pulled into the Zorn World.

Shanna has been kidnapped by Collis (aliens) and taken to Zorn to be sold. She has had a very hard life growing up with alcoholic parents then put into foster care where she was bullied then marring a man who abused her. Over the years she has worked hard to build her life and make chooses for herself that she will not let anyone take away her choose. Shanna has a fighters spirt and I loved that about her. From the moment Shanna was introduced I liked her. She has fire and spunk!

Hyvin Berrr is leader of the Zorn world and is bounded to a Zorn women (who seams mentally unstable), but do to their weird laws he can not bound with another or unbound with Alluwn. Berrr believes humans are helpless and weak, but still he has a strong attraction to Shanna. He is a loving father and a great leader to his people. He only wants what’s best for everyone and will put their needs before his own.

In Berrr’s Vow we get Berrr and Alluwn’s back ground. (Alluwn was intruded in Tempting Rever as the mother of Berrr’s children. What a piece of work she is! ) The why’s to their bounding come out, as well as more in-depth information on the laws and how Berrr can bound with his human if she is strong enough to fight for what she wants. We get a birthing of the first human/Zorn child with Ral and his bounded. We see how much Berrr loves his family as well as his heart-ace that he can’t have more children of his own due to his situation. I liked how well Berrr and Shanna complemented each other both in the bedroom and out. The sexual encounters where of the charts HAWT! Shanna’s fire and how she teaches Berrr that humans are not weak and helpless was impowering. I liked meeting Vinlotti one of Berrr’s pack, friend and protector of his own zone on Zorn. Maybe Mrs. Dohner will show us more Zorn love in the future!

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