Series Spotlight: “The Others” by Christine Warren

“The Others”
Christine Warren’s “The Others” series is a quick, light and easy read. Each book can stand on it’s own, but best read in order. We get dominant alpha’s and smoking hot sex scenes. 

THE OTHERS By Christine Warren
“Some things only go bump in the night; the Others do all their best work in it.
For centuries, humans have believed they were the only intelligent species on earth. Their arrogance led them to relegate stories of creatures like vampires and werewolves, witches and demons to the realm of myth and superstition. Frankly, that suited those creatures just fine. Keeping to the shadows made life easier for the supernatural beings who called themselves the Others; they owed no one explanations and got along easily by avoiding humans when they could and using them when they needed. And what humans really wanted to know how many things were out there that could crush them with a thought or a look or an uncontrolled touch? It was better for everyone if the two groups just kept to themselves.
Who knows how long things would have gone on that way? After all, the humans never counted on having their happy ignorance spoiled, and the Others never counted on their presence being discovered. But neither of them had counted on what might happen when love entered the equation…”(Christine Website)

 In Series Reading Order:

  1. One Bite with a Stranger – Book 1 ~ September 2008
  2. Big Bad Wolf – Book 2 ~ September 2009 
  3. Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here – Book 3 ~ November 2010 
  4. Black Magic Woman – Book 4 ~ April 2011
  5. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale – Book 5 ~ November 2011
  6. On The Prowl – Book 6 ~ April, 2012 
  7. Drive Me Wild – Book 7 ~ Nov, 2012  
  8. Hungry Like A Wolf – Book 8  
  9. Wolf at the Door – Book 9 ~ March 2006
  10. She’s No Faerie Princess – Book 10 ~ October 2006 
  11. Heart of the Sea: An Others Bonus Story #10.5 ~ April 2011 (Free on Amazon/B&N
  12. The Demon You Know – Book 11 ~ May 2007 
  13. Howl at the Moon – Book 12 ~ October 2007
  14. Walk on the Wild Side – Book 13 ~ June 2008
  15. You’re So Vein – Book 14 ~ March 2009
  16. Born to Be Wild – Book 15 ~ March 2010 
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