Cover Reveal: Rumpel’s Prize (Kingdom, #8) by Marie Hall

Rumpel’s Prize

by Marie Hall
From authors website: Due Out April 2014! (marie hall)

This cover is HOT! What do you think?

Not much information yet on this one, but I’m so looking forward to the next installment in the Kingdom series by Marie Hall.

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6 comments on “Cover Reveal: Rumpel’s Prize (Kingdom, #8) by Marie Hall

  1. that is one hot cover! I haven’t even started this series and whats crazy is I have them all…smh. Thanks for sharin!

    • I like all her covers in the Kingdom series. This one is really nice! ^_^ Hope you get around to reading this series it’s enjoyable. I really like her writing style and story tell skills.

  2. Oh yum! I LOVE her covers. They’ve really got a certain flare to them.

    • I total agree. This one is a SCORCHER. I can’t wait for its release. I still need to read Huntsman’s Prey. Ahh! So many books.

    • I’m way behind in her books (want to try her NA ones too). I’m thinking a binge week at some point and working my way through them ALL. lol

    • LOL! ^_^