Happy Valentine’s Day From Me + Giveaway

Happy Valentine’s Day

I celebrated Valentine’s Day early with my amazing husband. Now that we have a 2-year-old it makes going out harder, but the school our son goes to does a Date Night the week before Valentine’s. This gives the parents a chance to get out and celebrate. We went out to dinner and today on Valentine’s we will exchange cards. What do you do for Valentine’s? 

Here is a little eye candy for you all!
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day
In honor of Valentine’s Day I’m giving away a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway is open to INT/US/CA. 
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4 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day From Me + Giveaway

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day…albeit it is belated 🙂

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Angel! I know how hard it is to get out with little ones. Mine are now 5 and 3 and we don’t get many date nights these days. We will celebrate a quiet evening in and exchange small little gifts. Hope you have a good one.

    • Thanks for stoping bye. Have get Valentine’s with your family.