Review: Bear Naked (Halle Shifters, #3) by Dana Marie Bell

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Bear Naked

Paranormal Romance 

To win a frightened heart, you have to bare your own.

Any woman would be eager to be Ryan Williams’s mate. Any woman but Glory Walsh. The sexy bear shifter is beautiful, strong and persistent, she’ll give him that. But Glory’s past taught her one simple truth: people leave. She can’t get past the fact he left her once before. Okay, so he had a good reason, and he did come back. Try convincing her emotions.

When Glory finally agrees to a date, Ryan feels like shouting hallelujah. He only left his mate to hunt down the man who’d shot her, but convincing the stubborn woman she has a permanent place at his side is tougher than he thought.

Their date takes a turn for the bizarre when Glory thanks Ryan for the series of romantic gifts—gifts Ryan never sent. It seems her past is coming back to bite her, and before it has a chance to sink its teeth in and tear her out of his life, Ryan will have to bare it all, right down to his soul, to protect the woman he loves. Even from herself.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a blue-haired heroine, and a hero who isn’t afraid to get all kinds of naked.

~ 3.5 Bear Naked Stars ~ 

Quick & Fun read!
Bear Naked is book three in Halle Shifters series by Dana Marie Bell. I like the humor we find in each book, the smutty sexy parts, as well as the little plot that their is to keep us entertained. I really enjoy that the author can show us the friendship’s, family love and relationship’s in this book and the series. 
Glory and Ryan’s relationship was developed and built through the previous two books in this series. In Bear Naked they finally are pushed together. Ryan is a super sweetie in this story, even though it’s taking it’s toll on him. Glory I’m not sure how she resists Ryan for so long. We do have some action/mystery with a mysterious shifter trying to kidnap Glory and Glory re-starting the search for her long lost sister. Since this is the third book in the series there are plenty of cameos of the previous pairs as well as others from Bell’s other related series. Dana Marie Bell also sets up at least three other pairs, moves things along for the next pair up and adds some new characters to the world. 
If your new to the series, Dana Marie Bell does a good enough job recapping things that have come before, but I highly recommend reading in order. You will enjoy the series that much more.




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6 comments on “Review: Bear Naked (Halle Shifters, #3) by Dana Marie Bell

  1. woohoo was shifter books, I am going to have to check this series out 😀 it does sound like an awesome light read.

  2. I haven’t read this author, but I see her books often. May have to pick it up.

    • If you do pick it up start with her Halle Shifter series first it leads into the other spin off’s, but you can start this series and totally understand wants going on. I prefer to read series and spin off series in order.

  3. Yep I’m so going to have to read these. I like those fun quickie reads. Nice to have something like that to squeeze in between heavier reads.

    • Thats what I like about this series. Its great to read after a heavier one.