Review: Moon’s Flower (Kingdom, #6) by Marie Hall

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Moon’s Flower

Once upon a time, long, long ago a flower fairy looked up to the sky and dared to fall in love with the Man in the Moon…

NOTE: This book reveals a BIG surprise about one of the central figures of Kingdom!



~ 5 Moon Stars ~ 
Fantastic! Amazing! Spellbinding! Moon’s Flower is a bittersweet romance that elevates storytelling to a new level. We find ourselves pulled into the world of Kingdom where we have true love, heartache and betrayal. There were twist, turns and unexpected surprises. Not all stories end with ‘happily ever after’….

Danika, our favored fairy godmother is back. I love how this tail kicks off. Danika is telling a fairy tail story. The impossible is always possible in Kingdom. We get some surprises I was not expecting and to talk about them will just spoil the story. The love story between Calanthe, the fairy and Jericho, the Man on the Moon was both heart warming and heart breaking. Will they get their ‘happily every after‘? The author also hint’s at a possible way to save Hatter’s daughter. I look forward to the Huntsman’s Prey!

Fan’s of Marie Hall will love this tail. She knows how to tell a story and bring to life old fairy tails with an adult twist. The characters, plot, and written style are superb. I was spellbound and by the end Marie had me in tears. This book and others in the series can be read as stand alone, but best if read in order. 




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2 comments on “Review: Moon’s Flower (Kingdom, #6) by Marie Hall

  1. Oh man I need to get caught up with this series SOON! Can’t wait!

    • I got this series on a whim! I read the blurb for The Collection 1-3 and thought that sounds interesting. I’ve been in love with the series ever since. Huntsman’s Prey comes out this month. It’s a series worth reading.