Quote-Tastic Monday #6 ~ Wulfe Untamed

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Quote-Tastic Monday ~ Wulfe Untamed

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Wulfe Untamed was a fantastic read! I am a huge fan of the Feral Warriors series and could not have asked for a more magnificent ending to a series. Below are some parts that I enjoyed. ** See my review HERE
   “We’re having happy hour in Lyon’s room with Kara,” Olivia said, smiling at Natalie. “Come join us.”
     Natalie grinned. “I’d love to.” She glanced at Wulfe, stroking his back. “Do you mind?”
     A smile lit those dark wolf eyes. She can come if you take responsibility for her, Olivia. Lyon’s orders.
     “I’ve got it,” Olivia said, lifting her hand solemnly.
“I promise not to let her glass get empty.”
     Wulfe snorted. That’s not the responsibility I meant. ~ Wulfe Untamed by Pamela Palmer pg. 220
    Both Ferals turned, concern in their eyes.
    Hawke signed. “You lost your animal, too.”
    “No. Hell, no. I’ve got a woody.”
     Kougar said nothing, made no indication he’d even heard him.
     Hawke merely lifted a brow. “What caused it?”
    “I just watched Natalie eat a chocolate-covered strawberry.”
    Hawke nodded, all seriousness. “You like her.”
    “Yeah, but I’m damaged, Wings. I haven’t gotten a woody without effort since Beatrice died.” ~ Wulfe Untamed by Pamela Palmer pg. 237
    As her breath trembled out, she found herself smiling. 
    He pulled back, looking down at her with passion-drugged eyes and a gleam that made her chest ache with tenderness. “What’s so funny?”
    “Not funny. Wonderful. You really do want me.”
     His lips brushed her cheek, trailing down to her neck, licking, nipping, making her shiver with delightful longing. Her breasts tingled, her knees weakening as, deep within, her body began to pulse and contract, begging to be filled.
    “I want you,” he groaned against her neck. ” I want you so badly . . .” ~ Wulfe Untamed by Pamela Palmer pg. 247
    “How could I ever intentionally hurt you?” he whispered, tracing that invisible line down her cheek.
    Her hand covered his. “You won’t be hurting me, Wulfe. You’ll simply undo what you did before and give me back the cut that was always mine.”
    “I would take a hundred to keep you from suffering that one.”

    “It’s a small price to pay to save the world. Besides, I’d kind of like a rakish scar. A battle scar.” Her smile turned impish. “I rather like yours, Shifter. I rather fancy having one of my own.” ~ Wulfe Untamed by Pamela Palmer pg. 275 



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