Review: A SEAL Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf, #12) by Terry Spear

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A Seal Wolf Christmas

Paranormal Romance – Christmas
Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson and undercover operative Anna Johnson have a rocky beginning at their first meeting all to do with pantyhose and tying her to a bed after some heavy-duty sparring, and him declaring she has mighty fine killer knees. Christmas is coming but thoughts of sugar plum fairies and kissing under the mistletoe isn’t something these two gray werewolves have in mind when they’re tasked to be the newlyweds preparing for Christmas while investigating a SEAL’s murder at a Christmas Tree farm.

Neither care about Christmas, sharing gifts, and all the traditions that go along with the season since neither enjoyed the holiday while growing up. But as they battle each other as to what makes for the perfect newly married couple’s first Christmas, they learn that a little Christmas cheer can become so much more, especially if they can take down a SEAL’s killer before they become his next target.



~ 4 Seal Wolf Stars ~

I’m a big fan of Terry Spear and her Heart of the Wolf and Heart of the Jaguar series. The world she creates for her Wolves and Jaguars is believable.

A Seal Wolf Christmas brings together Navy Seal Bjornolf Jorgenson and Undercover Operative Anna Johnson. Bjornolf recognizes and accepts that Anna is quite capable of protecting herself, but he’s ready and willing to watch her back. Anna and Bjornolf are such strong capable characters and they complement each other perfectly.

In A Seal Wolf Christmas the characters and story all weave together to create a book that will hold your attention from the first page to the last. We get mystery and danger, as well as, a good dose of the Christmas spirit. It is fast paced, sexy, suspenseful and heartwarming. We get fun characters plus a chance to see characters from other books as well as meeting new ones.

If you have not checked out Mrs. Spear’s Heart of the Wolf or Savage Hunger series I recommend you do!

Borrowed from my local Library. Support your library!

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2 comments on “Review: A SEAL Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf, #12) by Terry Spear

  1. I have not read her yet unfortunately but I love shifters so hopefully I can pick one up soon.

    • Hi Lily! Thanks for stoping bye. I will tell you I had trouble with her first book Heart of the Wolf, but after that initial read I loved each and everyone after that. Her new Jaguar series is just as fun and eventful. I hope you get a chance to try out her shifter books.