Review: Wicked Bad (Wicked 3, #2) by R.G. Alexander


~ 3 Wicked Bad Stars ~

This was an ok menage story. I liked that R. G. Alexander picked up right where we left off in Wicked Sexy . This is a tale of one woman who just wanted to lose herself for a while. To not answer to anyone. To clear the air of thoughts, to clear the air of what is to be and what is not. But the scene she stumbled into that fateful night at the Triune has followed her!

Thou I enjoyed this story I was not feeling the connection/love relationship in Wicked Bad as I did in Wicked Sexy. The relationship that Harrison had with Ric and Jacob felt not fully formed. I disliked the two men and I did not see/feel any redeeming quality from them. Who would want to be mated to two people who clearly made snap judgements about their third whiteout even meeting her. Bye the end I still was not feeling the relationship, but I will say the sex sense are HOT and you do feel the connection between the two men.

Warning: MM/MFM/MMF




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