Review: Wicked Sexy (Wicked 3, #1) by R.G. Alexander

Wicked Sexy
Parnormal Romance – Menage – Erotica
Something magic this way comes…

Wicked 3, Book 1

Callie has always known the Abbotts were different. Witches, though they call themselves “Magians.” They are her second family. Harrison Abbott has been her best friend since they were children. Tucker Abbott, her life-long crush. And their brother, Tyghe? A magical pain in her backside.

When the Abbotts need her human perspective to solve a mystery, she doesn’t hesitate. Especially since it means getting everything she ever wanted. A chance to be one of them, to have magic, even if it’s only temporary.

Someone is attacking young women at Triune, a ritual that helps Magians find their perfect threesome–the match that will complete their magic and their hearts. Callie expected to be dazzled by her first glimpse into the Magian world, but the bone-melting desire between her and the Abbott brothers isn’t part of the plan.

Nor is the decades-old secret that makes her the target of a killer.

~ 4 Wicked Sexy Stars ~

Wicked Sexy is book one in R.G. Alexander’s Wicked 3 series. The world rocked, the sex was HOT and I liked the relationship between Tyghe, Callie and Tucker. This menage hit the spot! The characters fit each other in and out of the bedroom; they needed her and she needs the different sides of them. I enjoyed how the author portrayed Callie and her family history, from her foster family forgetting her birthday to the way she wanted to belong to the Abbotts, it was well done.

Wicked Sexy is a great start to a hot steamy menage. If your in the mood for a menage with a little magic this one is for you!

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