Review: Awakened From Ice (Werewolf Sentinel, #1) by Marisa Chenery

Awakened From Ice
Paranormal Romance – Werewolves – Erotica


Exploring an ice cave on the Mantanuska Glacier in Alaska, Cassidy finds something out of the ordinary—six men dressed in fur and leather, motionless and seemingly dead. But she soon discovers they are very much alive when her touch awakens one and she finds herself pinned beneath his muscular heat in the blink of an eye. 

Edensaw and his wolf brothers have slept for ten thousand years. As ice age Tlingit Indian hunters, they were chosen to be a new race of man, the first werewolves. They are the sentinels, created to protect against evil that is to come. But the touch of one woman ignites his mating urge and Edensaw awakens before he is needed into a world he no longer knows, and to a passion he cannot deny. 

As the couple moves from lust to love, the dark evil brews. Threatening not only to destroy the mating bond, but the sentinels themselves


~ 3 Stars ~

It’s a nice start to the series. The sentinel’s have been sleeping for ten thousand years and are the first of their kind. I liked Edensaw and his wolf brothers as well as Cassidy.

Edensaw knows from the start that Cassidy is his mate. I like that Edensaw does not try to force Cassidy to become his mate. He lets her decided when and if she will be his mate. I also like the Wolf Brothers reactions to there new world and how they want to learning and try new things. “He turned back to the view. It looked as if he and his wolf brothers would have a lot of adjusting to do. Their knowledge as hunters wasn’t exactly going to be of much use in this strange, new world.”

We don’t get a lot of time with the different wolf brothers or the local pack, but from what we do see of the characters is interesting. We also get a brief glimpse of the evil that the sentinels were created to stop, but it wasn’t very fleshed out.

Book 2: Ice Hunter’s Mate
Being shot in his dire wolf form by his would-be mate while hunting caribou wasn’t exactly how Wachei expected to happen upon their first meeting. Heated kisses and passionate embraces, yes, but not flying bullets.

Eryn wasn’t pleased to see a strange man standing next to the caribou she’d just brought down. The kill was hers, and if he thought he could take it from her, he could think again. But once she comes near, and sees how gorgeous he is, suddenly getting as close as possible to the sexy stranger is job one.

As the heat between the couple intensifies, a threat looms, that of a lone wolf the sentinels have crossed paths with once before. Wachei knows he must bring Eryn into his world a lot sooner than he’d planned, especially when another threat is discovered—the very evil he and his wolf brothers were created to destroy is closer to home than they’d thought

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