Mini Review: The Ornament: Max and Emma (Ornament, #1) by Dana Marie Bell

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The Ornament: Max and Emma (Ornament #1)

By Dana Marie Bell
My Review:
~ 5 Stars

A quick 10 page FREE read on Dana Marie Bell’s website. 
A cute chapter into Max and Emma our favorite Halle Puma couple. I enjoyed how the guys were worried about the girls reactions to what they were doing and the girls initial reactions especially Emma; “wondering if Lion-O’s dead body would fit in the snow globe” and how they all worked things out. We also get a little HOT sex scene.

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5 comments on “Mini Review: The Ornament: Max and Emma (Ornament, #1) by Dana Marie Bell

  1. I’ve not tried her. Will go grab that up and give a go 🙂

    • You should start with the first book in her Halle Pumas series The Wallflower. Her books are always quick to read. Hope you enjoy!

      • Oh ya P.S. Anna she has Bear shifters too. ^_^

        • lol yup I’ve got her bear shifters. I so love those. I’ve just never made it to actually reading them. Blasted tbr pile is so long! lol

          • LOL I know the feeling that tbr pile can get in the way. =)