Review: Wolf Quest (Brotherhood Of Blood, #7) by Bianca D’Arc

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Wolf Quest

Parnormal Romance – Shapeshifters – Erotica 18+



Love and magic lie at the heart of this storm…as well as a whole lot of danger.

Brotherhood of Blood, Book 7

When Major Jesse Moore, brother to the Wyoming Pack Alpha, is sent to Iowa to check on his sister-in-law’s cousin, knocking politely isn’t an option. Sounds of a struggle send him storming into her kitchen—where he finds anything but a damsel in distress. The tiny human woman knows how to handle herself in a fight, and all Jesse’s senses shout she’s his mate.

Exotic-animal vet, Maria Garibaldi has never trusted the magic her aunt and grandmother claim is her birthright. She’s always known about the Others, but she had no idea she was also part of their world. When Maria sets out with Jesse to find the parents of a young grizzly shifter she found and treated, she learns the meaning of temptation in the form of the ex-Special Forces soldier.

As passion flares, the trail leads them toward the eye of a massive storm…where an unspeakable evil awaits the right moment to destroy the good in the magical world.

Warning: Things get explicit when a werewolf wants his mate and he doesn’t care where they are. Outdoors, indoors, wherever and whenever—never get between a wolf and his woman.


 ~ 4 Wolf Stars ~

Wolf Quest is book seven in the Brotherhood of Blood series. It is an insta-love romance. I enjoyed Wolf Hills and was looking foreword to the next book in this series. Ms. D’Arc brought us more into the quest to protect the Light and help save the world. Wolf Quest is fast paced, lots of action and sex.

Jesse is clearly an Alpha. I found it interesting how Ms. D’Arc got around having two Alphas within a Pack. He is very very HOT with a dark troubled past. Maria is an interesting character and I liked that she was open to the magical world and not afraid of letting go and learning. I felt the connect right front the start between Jesse and Maria and the sexual tension was bouncing off the pages. It was an engaging read.

Wolf Quest is not a stand-alone book. It’s a quick insta-love, with lots of action and some great sex.

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Borrowed from library!

Bianca D’Arc

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