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Come Meet & Greet your favorite bloggers and find a few new ones to love too! Enter the Grand Prize Giveaway then hop around and visit all of the Social Bloggers and learn some fun facts about them! There will be individual giveaways at some of the blog so don’t forget to stop by and say HI!


Hello and Welcome to Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My name is Angela and I am the owner/reviewer of this lovely website. I just started blogging back in Feb. of 2014, so I have not been at this very long. I enjoy reading PNR, Urban Fantasy, & PNR Erotica though from time to time I will try out a Contemporary Romance.  I’m not big on reading time travel books, but after having Sky Purington visit for an interview I’m thinking about giving one of her books a try. From time to time I post about my personal life which includes my adorable 2-year-old son who shows me everyday how great it is to be a kid and my wonderful husband. 

10 Quick Things About Angela @ Angel’s Guilty Pleasures

Favorite Food?  Pizza

Favorite Color?  Green or Blue

Favorite Movie or TV Show of all Time?  McLintock (movie) & NCIS (tv)

Favorite Drink?  Pina Colada Pina-Colada

Favorite Book/Series?  Lover Awakened (BDB #3) Zsadist’s story. I also have to go with Katie Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. 

Favorite Season?  Spring

Favorite Animal?  White Tiger & Appaloosa277017star_of_destiny_after_rain

Favorite Band or Musician?  The Piano Guys

Mode of Travel?  1978 Shelby GT500 (only in my dreams ^_^) I drive a 2012 Prius Toyota, but everything is in walking distance, so I do a lot of walking.

Favorite Vacation Destination?  Grand Cayman

Happy Reading!


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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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49 comments on “Meet & Greet #Giveaway Hop w/ the Social Bloggers ~ July 25 – 31st

  1. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commuted. It was nice to meet so many new people.
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Happy Reading ^_^

  2. I love Lover Awakened.

  3. Somethings about me :
    i’m 45 and disabled i broke the facet joints in my back almost 9 years ago plus i have PTSD/severe anxiety disorder and kidney disease(among other things). i have no kids but i do have the most handsome Papillion dog named Wile E. ( if your a road runner fan you recognise that name, LOL). i am also a struggling to become, as of yet unpublished author. 🙂 my favorite genre is paranormal erotic romance. 🙂
    it was nice getting to know a bit about you. thank you for the chance at such a great contest.

    tammy ramey

  4. Hey, I’ve been here before!! I remember your banner. I think I invited you to join in on a blog event I was hosting for YA there you have it. I LOVE the Appaloosa…what an amazingly beautiful animal..good choice!! Hope to continue to visit and see what’s new with you…thx for sharing, have a fun hop, June

  5. Thanks for sharing! Those white tigers are gorgeous!! <3

  6. Your favorite book series are 3 of my favorites, as well. Love Zsadist! McLintock (which I own) is a favorite movie, too, ever since I saw it when it was originally in the theater (dating myself!).

    • Nice to meet you Janie. My mom got me hooked as a little girl on John Wayne. I love all his movies, but McLintock is my favorite. Thank you for stoping by. Good luck in the giveaway!

  7. Lyndsy sands is great i love her books, I loved reading all the stuff you shared thanks for your giveaway

    • Hi Cyndi,

      I love Lyndsy’s books, even though they feel repetitive now. I still enjoy them. Thank you for stoping by and getting to know me. Have a great day and good luck in the giveaway! ^_^

  8. I am just getting into paranormal books. I read Paige Tyler, she doe Vampires, zombies and shifters. Your sound like something I would like to read.

    • Hi Laurel,

      Glad to see you are trying out paranormal books. I think it’s great when people try something new. I try to pick up a contemporary romance everyone now and then and I have plans to try out a time travel romance soon.

      I’ve not read Paige Tyler. I’ll have to look into her. I’m not a Zombie fan. Never hoped on that wagon, though I do love all the other types like Vampires, Shifters, Fae, Demons, Angels etc. Thanks for stoping by. ^_^

  9. I love paranormal romance and urban fantasy too. The BDB is one of my favorite series. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. I’m not much of a BDB fan but Zsadist’s book was terrific ! Thanks for sharing 😉

    • I get all giddy reading Zsadist book. I feel it is the best in the series! I just loved Zsadist character and Belle she is one tough women. Thanks for stoping by Red. ^_^

  11. I’ve gotta admit, I’m still not into BDB yet…I got LOVER AT LAST because it was the m/m story, and now I wish I knew the mythology better…

    • Hi Trix, The BDB sereis is best read in order. I’m still a fan, but I’m slowly fading away from the series. That can happen with long series. Thanks for hoping by and Happy Reading!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing. I still remember the summer we burned up my mom’s blender making Pina Colada’s. Oh, what a great summer day that was. I need to have one of those; it’s been a long time and I have a good blender now. I love many of the same authors as you. I’m currently reading Jeff Gunhus, but I read Patricia Briggs not too long ago (I love her).

    • Michelle Thanks for hoping by. Every time I think of a Pina Colada it brings back wonderful memories of vacations gone by with my family. It’s my go to drink on vac, but I love to try something new too. Hope you are enjoying the blog and good luck in the giveaway’s. Happy Reading!

  13. Oh Pina Coladas always make me want to dance LOL I recently had a cranberry martini with a mint mash that was incredible, give it a try sometime. Yes I am on the NCIS bandwagon as well! Thank you for sharing a bit of you with us today 🙂

    • Oh that cranberry martini sounds nice. I will have to try it out! Thanks for stoping by Denise. It’s nice to meet new people. ^_^

  14. There seem to be lots of us who love NCIS or Gibbs. 😀

    I gave up on the Black Dagger books, they just didn’t work for me. *ducks*

    Pizza! Nom nom nom

    • Gibbs & Abby are my Favorite, thou I love all the characters. It’s just a great show. I have to confess we stopped purchasing TV several years ago, so the last season I caught was 9. I’m hoping to buy season 10 soon and then work my way back to current episodes.

      I can understand the BDB does not work for everyone and at one point I felt like J.R. Ward was not sure what direction to take the plot. I pre-ordered The King, but have not read it. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue the series even thou I have enjoyed it. It’s wearing on me.


  15. Nice to meet you Angela, I love vampire books. I like all books but vampire books are my favorite. I like your blog. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Linda, Thanks for stoping by and learning a little about me and the blog. I’m like here that people are enjoy the blog. I enjoy a verity of paranormal creatures, but I have to say Dragon Shifters are my favorite. I do have several Vampire series I enjoy like the Night Huntress, Night Prince, Night Huntress World by Jeaniene Frost, Argeneau by Lynsay Sands, Love At Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks, and Dark Ones by Katie MacAlister.
      Have a great weekend too!

  16. Oooo Zsadist! Yep with you there. I’m not a big re-reader but have read that one 3 times now. lol Never read another that many times. Just love him.

    For time travel. I was never really into it either but was won over by Karen Marie Moning and her Highlander series. She did such a good job with those incorporating the time travel and holy cow they are funny and sexy to boot!

    • LOL Anna. I like that we have some of the same taste’s. I did the same thing with Zsadist book, 3 times and who knows how many times more. I just love it! I’ll have to look into Karen. ^_^

  17. Some fun facts

  18. In my dreams, my dream car is a Infiniti Q45, but I’m walking now…lols. Awesome list and I love L. Sands, she writes great vampire stories.

  19. I see you are a new blogger this year, great job on your blog by the way, the graphics in the background are breathtaking! Also thought I’d share that I read all kinds of books too, I keep seeing people talk about Patricia Briggs books, I am going to check that out.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Ya my hubby keep telling me I should blog since I read so much and write reviews on them. So here I am blogging. I love Patricia Briggs books her Mercy Thompson & Alpha and Omega series are both great. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for stoping by and nice to meet you. ^_^

  20. Love your post and pizza covers all the food groups right? Fun to meet you at the hop! 🙂

  21. I love NCIS too 🙂 It’s nice to meet’cha! Thanks for a fun event!

  22. This looks like a great hop!! I also agree with your favorites. I have read many of Lynsay’s books so I would love to read this one!!

    • Hi Judy,
      I enjoy Lynsay’s books especially the Argeneau series. They are just so easy to read and a sweet romance. I have all of them on my eReader, so I figured why not share the book love with others, plus it makes more room on my bookshelf for new books to read and share with everyone. Thanks for hoping by. ^_^

  23. You know I have never tried a Pina Colada but I have a couple topical vacations coming up, so I am going to try one and def think more of the guilty pleasures… I will let the Angel stay home.

    Oh and Team Camero, lol.

    • It’s an honored tradition to have a Pina Colada on vacation especially if you are on a beach. ^_^
      Thanks for swinging by Marcia.

  24. Great Post! And amen on Z’s story, the best. Of course there’s also, Lover Dark LOver, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, Lover Unshrined, Lover Avenged, well you get the picture 😉

    Oh and my favorite EVER Love Story is Overseas by Beatrice Williams

  25. We share many of the same favorites- how cool. We also share the same taste in books. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Julia, Thanks for stoping by. It’s always great to find people wight the same taste in books and things. ^_^

  26. I have One Lucky Vampire so I did npt enter your giveaway but I enjoyed your list.