Quote-Tastic Monday #18 ~ Temptation by Fire

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Quote-Tastic Monday #18 ~ Temptation by Fire

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 “This is such a bad idea,” I murmured against her lips.Temptation_by_Fire
    “Shut the hell up and quit thinking for once.”
    Still wet from the shower, she clung to me as I kissed her neck. I nibbled my way to her shoulders and then, one sweeping motion, picked her up–towel and all. Then I carried her out of the bathroom and set her on her feet next to the bed.
    I tugged lightly on the towel she still clutched, but didn’t try to take it from her. This was her decision, and even if it killed me, I would stop if she wanted me to.
   “We don’t have–“
    “Didn’t I tell you to be quiet?” Her words were teasing, but her voice was full with emotion. With a jerk of quick movement, her posture stiffened, and then she tossed the towel to the floor. ~ Temptation By Fire by Tiffany Allee


     Her lips were warm against mine — wet, like she’d just run her tongue over them. She didn’t pull away, but I kept my lips soft on hers, testing. Mint and lavender spiced the air, filling my noise and mouth, surrounding me with her. I revved my tongue against hers, tasting her, then I deepened the kiss.
    A small sigh escaped her when I pulled back to look at her. I wanted to see her so badly, in more detail than my enhanced night vision offered. but I didn’t dare turn on the lights and ruin the moment. This was wrong. And it would only make things harder for us in the morning. But I couldn’t not touch her, not kiss her, not show her how much I loved her with my body, since I couldn’t say it with my lips. Silk slid between my fingers as I ran my hands over her hair, pushing it behind her ear. ~ Temptation By Fire by Tiffany Allee


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4 comments on “Quote-Tastic Monday #18 ~ Temptation by Fire

  1. Oh I so need to give this one a try.

    • It’s a quick read. My only issue was with the heroine. I was half and half on her, but it is worth the time. Enjoyable!

  2. I hope she writes a sequel

    • I do too. It was an interesting world with good characters.