Quote-Tastic Monday #17 ~ Lian

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Quote-Tastic Monday #17 ~ Lian


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“I might not be a Pantera Hunter, but I’m not completely helpless,” she warned, biting his lower lip hard enough to make him his with pleasure. “if I wanted to stop you, I would.”

    A sudden heat blasted from his body, his hesitation forgotten as his eyes glowed with a golden fire.
     “Yes, I nearly forgotten your little trick of trapping me in that net.” A slow, sinful smile touched his mouth as his arms tightened around her. “someday you’re going to pay for that.” ~ Lian by Alexandra Ivy
    “Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” she urged in husky tones.
    As if sensing she wasn’t as bold as she wanted him to believe, Lian swiftly stripped off his clothing, standing in front of her like a bronzed, exquisitely sculpted work of art.
   Her eyes widened. God almighty. She’d never seen anything more beautiful. He was all male. A feral animal with his broad chest the tapered to a narrow waist and the long, muscular legs.
   On his upper right shoulder she could glimpse a stylize tattoo of a crouching puma the looked ready to pounce.
    And then there was the broad thrust of his arousal…
    Her stomach clenched, her breath hissing between her teeth.
    Okay. She needed this man.
      Now. ~ Lian by Alexandra Ivy

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anna@herding cats & burning soup
July 14, 2014 10:54 pm

Goodness these come out so dang fast! I’ve been meaning to read them since the first and can’t believe I’m so far behind already. Must get on that!

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