Review: Dangerously His (Loving Dangerously #4) by A.M. Griffin

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Dangerously His

Erotic Scif Romance – Dark Fantasy – Adult 18+



Justin “JB” Blake has never met a woman he couldn’t bed—or one he wants to keep. That changes the second he lays eyes on Princess Saia Xochis. The beautiful alien makes his body burn and his heart ache. She will be his. All JB has to do is risk life and limb at the hands of her abusive father, her protective brother, and her warmongering intended mate.

The possibilities of death and dismemberment have never stopped him before.

Inside Scoop: This book has a small taste of female/female fun—as well as scenes of abuse that are decidedly not fun.


~ 4.5 Dangerously His Stars ~ 

Dangerously His is book four in A.M. Griffin’s Loving Dangerously series. This is my first time reading A.M. Griffin and I am impressed. She blew me away with her writing, character development, and plot. I was on the edge of my seat. We get action, suspense, drama and romance. 

Dangerously His is a fast paced and riveting read. The author brings things to life with her details and writing. The characters are strong, easy to fall for, and relate too. The plot is gripping and entertaining. The author does a wonderful job explaining the world and character relationships, so their is no trouble reading this out of order. The chemistry between Saia and JB was spicy hot and the sex scenes were arousing. The relationship progresses at a fast pace and provides a lot of depth and insite into our leads. I could not help, but feel for Saia and her situation and JB took me way with his bad boy self especially when he defies the rules to keep the women he loves. 

This is my fourth time reading an alien adult scif romance book. I am always a little leery in reading alien romance just because they can turn out to be very corny and disappointing, or maybe its just that I never found the right author, but now I have an author A.M. Griffin that I most definitely will be sticking with and reading more of. 

This series has a lot of captivating characters and I now want to go back to the beginning and read about them. I also enjoy the action and suspense that came with Dangerously His. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy free of charge from the author with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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A.M. Griffin

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4 comments on “Review: Dangerously His (Loving Dangerously #4) by A.M. Griffin

  1. I don’t mind aliens, and apparently this can be read as a standalone ? Thanks for sharing !

    • We do get the other characters from previous books, but this one can go with the series or on its own. Nice to find someone else who does not mind aliens. Have you read many sic-fi romance books? I’m looking to try some other authors. I’m interested in who others recommend. As I said before I’m a little cautions when it comes to these books they can go from one extreme to another. Thank’s for swinging by Red!

  2. Nope, can’t do aliens, I know it’s just a mind set but for some reason I really can’t get into then! That said, it’s great that your first time to read Griffin was a good one.

    Happy Sunday!

    • I’m always cautious on picking up an alien read. I have this horrible feeling I’ll end up with something way out of my comfort zone or it will have to much alien weirdness. I have gotten luck on the last two alien books I have decided to read and review. The blurb is what sold me and I’m glad it was what the book was about. Thank’s for stoping by Braine. I hope your Sunday was great!