Cover Reveals: Wild Heat series by Vonnie Davis

Vonnie Davis’s new Wild Heat series

How To Seduce A Fireman

Book 1



Cassie Wolford has crushed on fireman Quinn Gallagher ever since he moved to Clearwater three years ago. There’s just one problem: he’s always made it clear dating is out of the question. But once a Wolford sets their sights on someone, that person doesn’t stand a chance! Cassie decides it’s time for Quinn to get a dose of his own medicine… and sets out to show him what he’s missing!

Quinn knows only too well what Cassie’s up to but he can’t give her what she wants. He isn’t good for anyone, much less someone as sweet as his angel. Fighting her off hurts like hell, but giving her false hope of a happy ever after would be damn cruel. That’s why he has to leave Clearwater.

Unfortunately, someone from his past has different ideas and when Cassie’s life is threatened this former CIA operative is staying put, prepared to crawl through hell and back to keep her safe. And it looks like he might just have to.

The first book, How to Seduce a Fireman, is out early next month. You can read all about it right here, and it’s available to pre-order now!

For the Love of A Firemen

Book 2


Pin-up Fireman

Book 3


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  1. Hello sexy firemen 😉 Adding these to my list.
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    • Hello Lily and Welcome. Thank you for following. Oh yes they are some sexy firemen. ^_^ I’m not a big contemporary reader, but these sound good.