Review: Pool of Crimson (The Blushing Death #1) by Suzanne M. Sabol

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Pool of Crimson

Pool of CrimsonThe Blushing Death #1

by Suzanne M. Sabol

Paranormal Romance – Urban Fantasy

Published February 6th 2013

Source: Copy from author



Killing vampires is easy. Trusting one will be the hardest thing Dahlia Sabin has ever done. Dahlia has lived a lonely existence as a killer of the undead. Known as The Blushing Death to those that fear her, Dahlia uncovers a plot by Columbus’s Master Vampire, Ethan. He intends to raise a demon from the depths of hell to destroy the city, cement his power, and take control. In her pursuit to stop a demon from manifesting, Dahlia sinks deeper into the city’s supernatural underworld and discovers that vampires are not only deadly; one in particular could be dangerous to her very soul and her heart. Patrick, the Master vampire’s second-in-command with dark penetrating eyes and a cool, deadly sophistication, can’t stay away and Dahlia can’t tell him no. There’s something that neither of them knows, Ethan wants Dahlia’s unleashed power for himself and is willing to do anything to get it. Dahlia is in a race against time to send the demon back to hell, at war with her better judgment, trusting a dark and intriguing vampire with his own agenda, while struggling to save her own neck. As the portal to hell opens, Dahlia has only herself to rely on in order to survive, if she can … Also be sure to check out more action in the second book of the series with Dahlia Sabin, MIDNIGHT ASH.



– 4 Pool of Crimson Stars –

Gripping read with non-stop action packed adventure!

Pool of Crimson is book one in The Blushing Death series by Suzanne M. Sabol. This is my first experience with this author and WOW she pulled me in. Do not underestimate this book, because once you get into it you will not be able to put it down. We have a verity of supernatural creatures, a love triangle, and loads of kick ass action.

Dahlia is a kick ass chick that is something more. What? We don’t know yet. She knows there is more out there then what regular humans know. Patrick is a vampire, Ethan’s second, and must do what his master bids, but when he runs into Dahlia the game changes. Then throw in Danny a werewolf hottie, his pack, and you have a supernatural free-for-all. 

This book starts off with a bang and does not slow down. We have a mystery to solve and evil to kill. Dahlia wants to be normal, but she is far from it and we see right off that the supernatural world disrupts her attempts at a regular life. The author introduces us to a verity of great characters and byplay between them that is fun and enjoyable. Then we have the steamy sex and action between Dahlia and the male characters. Though I’m not a fan of the love triangle only time will tell how this plays out. I enjoy reading about a kick ass heroine and wonderful characters that I can dive into and let real life vanish.  I liked the verity of supernaturals, the conflict, the characters, and action. All of it was enjoyable.

Pool of Crimson was a fun adventure to read. For those that like urban fantasy, I suggest giving this one a try. Great plot, characters, and romance. I plan on checking out the rest of this series!

Disclaimer: Copy provided by author via Paranormal Cravings Book Tour with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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4 comments on “Review: Pool of Crimson (The Blushing Death #1) by Suzanne M. Sabol

  1. Oh that sounds good. I’ve been needing one that goes strong right from the start with a good bit of action. Have read a lot of slow burn/paced ones lately (not a bad thing just keep landing in those for some reason).

    • I know how you feel my last two reads have been slow.

  2. I totally would have underestimated this, which is SO wrong. I am a cover snob sometimes, I admit, but this actually sounds like something I’d enjoy very much.

    • I ended up doing a spotlight for this book and received a complementary copy. I don’t think I would have gave’n it a second look had it not been for some reviews on the tour that said it was a good read. I decided to make some time and try it out and I’m glad I did. Thank’s for stoping in and check out the review Maja.