2015 The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge

2015 The Series That Never Ends Reading Challenge


Host: Delighted Reader

1 January, 2015 — 31 December, 2015

My Goal

Level One – 5-9 books and working on Black Knights Inc. series

(This will help me keep one of my New Years Resolutions in completing/getting caught up on that series)

Books reading for challenge:

  1. Rev It Up
  2. Thrill Ride
  3. Born Wild
  4. Hell for Leather
  5. Full Throttle
  6. Too Hard to Handle



You know what I am talking about…those long series everyone raves about, but you have fallen behind. Maybe you have read a few, but the author seems to write faster than you can read, or you never heard of it until something went viral on the Internet. Yeah, that series that has been hanging a noose around you neck and it is getting tighter and tighter.

Well, let’s loosen that noose and get to reading that series! Then you can be the heroine/hero on Twitter talking about the latest and greatest book that has come out and save everyone’s day!

Level One – 5-9 books – Surviving the Book Tsunami

Level Two – 10-15 books – Removing the Thorn From My Side

Level Three – 15 books or more – Goddess of Reading the Never Ending Series

Those pesky rules….

  1. The series must have 5 books or more and you must sign up to read at least 5 books. So if the series is 20 books and you have read 5, that leaves you 15 books to read. But if the series has 5 books and you have read 1 already, then you need to find another series. The minimum goal is 5 books.
  2. The books have to be in a series by the same author(s).
  3. They can be any sub-genre, but they have to be in the romance genre (or have romantic elements).
  4. Books only count if your read them from January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015.
  5. If the series is huge, you can just choose a sub-set of it to complete. Say 30 books, but you only want to read 5. That’s fine! It’s a great start.
  6. Reader must track their reading either on their own blog, Goodreads, Shelfari, BookLikes…or any other way but it has to be visible.

Instructions to join!

  1. Choose a series.
  2. Make your official blog post or GoodReads list.
  3. Sign up here with a link to your tracking post or GoodReads list. Please don’t link directly to your home page.
  4. Update us on where you are at each month by linking to your reviews or GoodReads List. We will create a monthly post for you to enter you links.

Sign up for the Never Ending Series Reading Challenge HERE!


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