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Hell On Wheels

I just started this series and am loving the Black Knights Inc. Check out the quote(s) I picked below.

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Hell On Wheels (Black Knights Inc)     She’d never been very good with blood. And there was a lot of blood.

      Her hands shook as she rifled through her purse and pulled out the little scissors she used to trim loose threads and the occasional wild nose hair.

     Nate glanced at her over one large shoulder. “Y’plan to cut my shirt away with those?”

     She looked down at the teensy silver scissors and frowned. “Yeah. So?”

     “So, I don’t want to be here all night.”

     With one swift move, he slid the huge knife he kept secured at his waist out of its leather sheath and flipped it in the air, neatly catching it by the wickedly sharp blade to offer for her the handle.

     “Uh,” she gingerly excepted the menacing length of the knife.

     “Just make sure the only thing you’re cuttin’ is my shirt,” he said and turned back around. He seemed blithely unconcerned that a woman with shaking hands, who was prone to barf at the slightest provocation, was going to come at him with a seven-inch blade. 

    She eyed the giant knife for a good long while, silently begging it to do her a huge favor and cut clean and true despite her palsied hands.

     “We gonna do this or what?” he asked, still facing the chipped Formica tub.

 “That’s good, sugar.” His voice was rough.

     She looked down, expecting to see him grimacing in pain, but the crazy man was busy eyeballing her cleavage, revealed by the gaping color of her shirt.

     Really? Boobs? That’s what he was thinking about?

     She was thinking of a gunshot wounds in blood and slugs, and he was thinking of boobs?


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  1. Hey! Yep I can comment now 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying these I just love those covers 🙂
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    • I just finished book three and well it was not up to par, but with a series that happens we get up’s and down’s. Oh YES! I love the covers for all the books in this one. Glad the comment is working again. Thank’s for the heads up Anna. ^_^
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