Review: Vampire’s Hunger (Awakening #1) by Cynthia Garner

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Vampire’s Hunger

Vampire's Hunger (Awakening)Awakening #1

Gener(s): Parnormal Romance – Urban Fantasy – Zombies – Vampires

Published April 1st 2014

By Cynthia Garner

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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, civilization no longer exists, and only the strongest survive. The few remaining humans must band together with supernatural beings to battle unspeakable evil—or all hope will be lost.

Kimber Treat is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift: she can raise the dead. As a necromancer who works with the police, she communicates with murder victims to bring their killers to justice. But after a normal session goes horribly wrong, Kimber realizes she’s summoned something dark and sinister. She’s unwittingly unleashed the apocalypse, and everyone blames her . . . except Duncan MacDonnough, the devastatingly handsome vampire she can’t stop fantasizing about.

As society shuts down and flesh-eating hordes close in, Duncan vows to protect Kimber. He can keep her safe from others—but not from the insatiable carnal hunger he feels for her. Now racing to reverse the chaos she’s unleashed, Kimber can’t afford any distractions. But even as she succumbs to Duncan’s seduction, she fears that he has a hidden agenda. And with the line between life and death starting to blur, his secrets might kill her-or worse . . .




– 3 Vampire’s Hunger Stars –

Vampire’s Hunger is book one in the Awakening series by Cynthia Garner. As first books go in a series this one was ok. It didn’t wow me and I probably should have read the blurb before picking this up. I am not a zombie fan.

Vampire’s Hunger starts off a little slow. We have a verity of supernaturals from vampires, fae, necromancers and more. I enjoyed the verity of sup’s, but the world building was lacking. We don’t get much on the necromancers only that the police use them and that Kimber is not the only one… We also learn next to nothing about the vampires or fae too. Their is some action and it was enjoyable, but it felt to easy. What really got me was the vampire rebellion inside the vampire coven. Defeating the head vampire was too easy and if it was that easy what is to stop others from doing the same thing… It should have been harder to destroy ones enemies. 

As for the characters I never really felt a connection to them. I did not dislike them, but I never could get into them. As for the relationship well I get why Kimber dislikes vampires, but I could not understand her reluctance towards Duncan. I did like Duncan. He is an alpha male and I liked his point of view, but I never understood why he befriended Kimber. Natalie and Aodhan are interesting. The tension was natural, real with some good banter between them. It does contain some high heat and sexual tension throughout the book. 

I didn’t love this one, but I didn’t hate it either… It was not to my taste in books that I enjoy. If the blurb intrigues you, I urge you to give it a shot. Just because it did not work for me does not mean it won’t for you. 

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2 comments on “Review: Vampire’s Hunger (Awakening #1) by Cynthia Garner

  1. Hrm. Might have to see how the next one turns out. I’m okay with some things being light but I need something to draw me in. If the world building it’s stellar then I need that huge connection with the characters or the other way around. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Ya I agree. It needs something huge either the connection to characters or world building. I might see how the next one is, but I’m in no hurry and with my reading challenges going on I’m focusing on them. Thank’s for stoping in Anna. It is always a pleasure to hear what you think! ^_^