Cover Reveal: Mist Revealed (Elemental Desire #1) by Nancy Corrigan


Mist Unveiled soon-to-be re-released as Mist Revealed


Mist Revealed

Elemental Desire #1

By Nancy Corrigan

Mist Revealed

Off of Nancy Corrigan’s FB page Mist Revealed Cover


I’ve received numerous questions about the fate of my books with Ellora’s Cave publishing and wanted to address the situation here. Yes, I did buy back the rights to Mist Unveiled and Hunter Betrayed. I won’t go into the reasons why other than to say it was the *right* decision for me, my books, and my readers.
What I can say is that they WILL be rereleased as Mist Revealed and Hunter Deceived. I also have new books ready to add to the worlds. I’ll share more details as soon as I can.
My Royal Pride books will continue to be available from Ellora’s Cave. And yes, I will release more in this world, but I can’t say when that will be. I do have a partial started, however, so it depends on my muse, schedule, and a few other factors.
Thank you all for your support and patience as I move forward with the Wild Hunt and Elemental Desire series.”

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