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LoreleiI love picking up a sexy ménage now and then. The Alpha Marked series by Celia Kyle has just the right amount of paranormal, sexy alpha men, and heat for me to enjoy. Check out some quotes I picked for this Monday’s Quote-Tastic.

** Lorelei Review **


     Lorelei nodded, giving him a small smile. “If you’ll carry me, we can do whatever you want.”

    Dylan chuckled. “Don’t give us a blanket offer like that, sweet. Because we’ll take you up on it.”

    Her smile turned wicked. “I trust you to do your worst. Or best.”

    His partner shook his head. “Help her and I’ll get the water started.” Dylan stroked her cheek. “We’ll get you clean and then we’ll get you dirty again.”

    “Sounds like a plan.” This time Lorelei winked.


      Lorelei buried her face against his neck and her words were hardly more than a mumble. “I don’t want you two to feel trapped.”

     Dylan’s “never” was echoed by Zeke’s “fuck that.”

    Then his partner was there, kneeling, his hands stroking their mate. “Baby, D’s right. If it wasn’t for the fact we have to take you together, I would have laid you out on the damned hallway floor and tasted every inch of your skin. I would have put my mark on you and made sure every male that came into contact with you knew you were mine.”

    Dylan revved his cheek on the top of her head, transferring his scent to her. Those Wardens needed to know she was theirs even without the bite. “You’re ours, sweet. Ours and no one else’s. Don’t think we’re bing forced or we’re trapped. If anything, we know we’re moving fast. We know it, but are selfish enough not to care because in the end… it means you’re ours.”


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