Cover Reveal: The Lady Who Lived Again by Thomasine Rappold

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The Lady Who Lived Again
Author: Thomasine Rappold
Publisher: Lyrical Press

The Lady Who Lived AgainIn THE LADY WHO LIVED AGAIN, the first book in the new Soul Survivor series, Madeline Sutter and her four gorgeous friends rule the Gilded Age resort town of Glass Lake, NY with silk-covered fists—until the day the entire clique is killed in a devastating accident.  Although Maddie is declared dead at the scene, she later awakens to find herself shunned by once adoring neighbors who now fear she has been touched by the devil.  Maddie knows the town’s handsome new physician could ruin her for good if he discovers the explosive secret behind her survival, but she will need his help if she’s ever to regain her place in the sun.  As a man of science, Dr. Jace Merrick feels duty-bound to quash the superstitious rumors of Maddie’s “resurrection.”  But Jace is so infatuated with his latest patient that he’s losing his grip on his professionalism. An affair means danger for both of them, but Maddie and Jace cannot seem to fight the pull.  Instead, she hides behind lies, he hides behind logic, and both resist love as the truth is unveiled.

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