Archangel Zach (A Novel of The Seven) by Lisa Hughey {Tour} ~ Excerpt

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Archangel Zach

A Novel of The Seven

by Lisa Hughey 

Archangel Zach


For three hundred years, Zach has suffered under the crushing guilt over his part in the death of his one true love. Since then he’s hidden himself away, dispensing his forgiveness far from the human realm and the threat of more heartbreak…until the day that he is conscripted into war against the angels’ most dangerous enemy…the Grigori.

Every night, Shasa Jefferson dreams the same scene—a far off island, a gorgeous, magical man, and sizzling passion that curls her toes. But getting lost in dreams is no way to live a life…until the day Shasa’s mystery man appears on her doorstep spouting terms she doesn’t understand and forcing her to confront her deepest fears.

Zach is amazed to find the soul of his true love in Shasa, but how long can their rekindled passion survive with the shadow of the Grigori and Zach’s own past transgressions threatening to tear them apart?

Archangel Zach is the third installment in The Seven series, featuring hot Archangels and their human loves. The Seven Archangels, Guardians to Earth, have lost touch with the human realm, dwelling in the Third Sphere and watching over the earth from afar…until their mortal enemies escape from banishment determined to wreak destruction on Earth and the Angelic Realm. Suddenly, the Archangels must team up with the humans and all hell breaks loose.

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Her fingers were strong, tensile, her nails short and slightly discolored with a rainbow of paint colors beneath. With no nonsense moves, she pushed open the V to reveal the paler flesh of her belly. Scalloped white lace panties that matched the bra beneath her shirt peeked through her fingers until she pushed the delicate, sexy fabric out of the way. Her mark was low on her belly, right over the second chakra, the sacral chakra, a pleasure center. The three rings that resembled a target symbol were barely visible in the misty gray air.

Zach dropped to his knees.

He wouldn’t confess that for a moment, he’d gone weak. That his body refused to support him as all blood zoomed to his cock. The second chakra was the center of emotion, pleasure and sensuality. He gripped her hips in his hands, the damp jeans abraded his rough palms. He had to have close contact with her mark in order to do the final transfer of power. He hadn’t really thought through this situation because this particular issue had never been a problem before.

“What do you…have to do?” Her voice trembled.

“It will only take a minute. But I must touch you with my mouth.”

“Oh,” she said faintly as if she were as affected as he was.

Heat rose from her skin and seared him. Zach’s nose was mere inches away from her belly. He inhaled slowly, absorbing her lavender and pinon scent into his lungs, committing her unique smell to his memory. A lighter musk of arousal entwined with the aroma of her skin. Damn the Cosmos, she was as turned on as he was.

He couldn’t think about that right now.

Best to get this over with. Zach held back a groan as he pressed his lips to the mark and pushed the balance of her power into her body. The moment his mouth touched her soft skin, her muscles contracted at the contact.

A soft, “Oh,” broke the air.

The transfer was over but Zach couldn’t draw away from her. The lace from her panties scraped against his chin and he nuzzled her belly with his nose. The carnal urge to press his mouth to the spot and taste her skin, her essence beat in his pulse like a heavy bass.

“I need to taste you.” He’d spoken those words to her before. Long ago. Just like the last time, he went against all sensibility and gave in to his baser instincts.

He swirled his tongue once over her mark. The forbidden caress fired his blood. He was about to back away when her fingers twisted in his hair and pulled him tight against her skin. And she moaned.

The sound was barely there over the rushing river, the fall of rain on her mother’s tin roof, and the shush of tires on the wet pavement. But he heard the sensual groan as if she’d screamed from the top of the mountain.


Lisa Hughey

USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Hughey has been writing romance since the fourth grade, which was also about the time she began her love affair with spies. Harriet and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys later gave way to James Bond and Lara Croft and Jason Bourne. Exploring the complex nature of a profession that requires subterfuge and lies fascinates her. She loves combining her two passions into fiction. As evidenced by her Black Cipher Files series.

Recently she’s been immersed in the Stone Family novellas, stories about a blended family of brothers and a sister who have a lot more in common than they realize. But of course she couldn’t just write about family and romance. There are complex plots, bad guys, and suspense too.

Taking a break from romantic suspense, Lisa entered the paranormal world of the Angelic Realm. The Seven deals with forbidden relationships between humans and Archangels. At its heart, Rafe is a novel about the dynamic of family relationships. As this series evolves, the core story continues to be about love triumphing in the face of opposition and heartache. (The really hot Archangels don’t hurt.)

Lisa loves to hear from readers and has various places you can connect with her. Sign Up for Lisa’s Latest News to get notification of her new releases and occasional fun giveaways.


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