Release Day Blitz: Beyond the Cut (Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #2) by Sarah Castille ~ Excerpt

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beyond the cut release blitz

Meet Cade & Dawn in Beyond the Cut!

The newest addition to the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series is NOW LIVE!

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About the Book (1)

Beyond the Cut

Beyond the CutSinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club #2

Published: June 2nd 2015
As a teen, Dawn ran from a life on the streets straight into the arms of Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker who promised to be her knight in shining armor. But his love was just another cage. Years later, Dawn’s former life still has its hooks in her and she’ll do whatever it takes to break free. When Cade “Ryder” O’Connor, a member of a rival club, makes her an offer, Dawn finds herself in a different, hotter kind of trouble with one irresistible Sinner… 

Cade is an outlaw biker with allegiance to one thing and one thing only: The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club. But when it comes to the stunningly sexy, fiercely independent Dawn Delgado, Cade finds himself…hungrier for more. Trouble is on Dawn’s heels and he wants to be the answer to her prayers, whether she wants him to be or not. What can’t be denied is the red-hot attraction between them. However, as they fall deeper, the danger rises and Cade may have to sacrifice it all…

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“We never danced before,” she said softly. Her breath was sweet, citrusy, and he was tempted to lick that sugar from her lips, but uncertainty held him back.

“We never did a whole lot of anything before except fuck.” Exactly what he wanted to do now. And afterward, maybe they could talk, or do what couples did, although never having really been part of a couple, he didn’t know what that would be. Watch TV? Go for a ride? Fuck some more?

“Maybe that’s ’cause that’s all we’re good for together.”

That gave him pause. Yes, he enjoyed sex with Dawn, but he genuinely liked her. She was smart, sweet, sensitive, and funny. She had more grit and determination than anyone he’d met, working three jobs, putting up with Shelly-Ann, never giving up hope she’d get her girls back. He wanted to spend more time with her, but she was always running away.

“Well, we gotta have something together, because now you’re wearing my cut and there’s no turning back.” He brushed his fingers through her beautiful long, blond hair. They had that in common. But Dawn was soft, where he was hard. Curved where he was straight. Sweet where he was bitter.

“If you’d told me three weeks ago I’d be in a biker bar, dancing with a biker and wearing a cut, I’d never have believed you. This was the last thing I ever thought I wanted. Me. A biker’s old lady again.”

His old lady. He liked the sound of it. He liked watching the words on her lips, tumbling over the silky softness and into his heart. Three weeks ago, sitting in his booth at Peelers with Delilah in his lap, he never would have believed he’d have an old lady. “Say it again.”

She licked her lips, and the sight of her little pink tongue made him hard.

“Old lady.”

“My old lady. Say it.”

Dawn studied him for a minute, considering. “Yours.” She leaned up and kissed him and he lost the last threads of his control.


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The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club Series

Reading Order

Rough Justice (Book One)

Rough Justice

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Beyond the Cut (Book Two)

Beyond the Cut

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sarah castilleNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sarah Castille worked and travelled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies. She writes contemporary erotic romance and romantic suspense featuring blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them. Her books include the bestselling “Redemption” fighter romance series, and the dark, gritty Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club romance series.

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Braine Talk Supe
June 2, 2015 6:34 pm

Oof, MC books scares me!! I hope you like it if you do end up reading it.

anna (herding cats & burning soup)
June 2, 2015 11:13 am

Mmm another yummy cover. I have the first book on my to read pile. I’m really hoping I love it 😀

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