Review: Desert Wolf 2 (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #1.2) by Anna Lowe

Desert Wolf 2 Book Cover Desert Wolf 2
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #1.2
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance - Werwolves - Novella
May 16th 2015


Nothing has ever scared this big, bad alpha as much as his mate’s pregnancy, especially when their quiet weekend getaway doesn't go exactly according to plan. A whimsical and sexy tale of hope, fear, and undying love, featuring the wolves you love and a whole new shifter species that bursts onto the scene. (Note: this is a short story with adult content.) 

*This 10,00 word SHORT STORY can be read as a stand-alone book or as a follow-up to Desert Moon. It takes place two years after Ty and Lana meet in Desert Moon (Book 1 in the Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series), and seven months after the events of Desert Wolf 1. This SHORT STORY includes adult content and is intended for mature audiences.*



Desert Wolf 2 is a short novella where we return to Twin Moon Ranch and the lives of it’s Alpha pair Ty and Lana.

This novella gives you a nice taste of the authors writing, characters, and world created. I recommend reading Desert Moon first since that is where we first meet Ty and Lana. Do you have to have read it first no, but it helps you get a fuller understanding of their feelings and life.

Desert Wolf 2 returns us to Twin Moon Ranch during Lana’s pregnancy. We get to see Ty’s venerable side and how scared he is of becoming a dad. He worries like most new parents whether he will be a good father. Lana well she will not slow down. She is working way to hard. These two get a much need break from the Ranch and a little downtime to be a couple. They do end up face a situation together and handle it as a mated couple should.

It is always fun return to Twin Moon Ranch. Anna Lowe knows how to bring her characters to life. She gets the emotional journey down and as a reader we end up feeling what they feel and understanding their inner turmoils. We also get a very well written sex scene, that is sweet and steamy.

I just love this series. I highly recommend reading The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, especially if you enjoy werewolves.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy free of charge from the author Anne Lowe with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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Aw yay for getting to visit a series you love so much 🙂 I have them on my tbr pile because of you 🙂