Review: Claimed by the Dragon: Part 1 by Meghan Spence

Claimed by the Dragon: Part 1 Book Cover Claimed by the Dragon: Part 1
Meghan Spence
Paranormal - Shapeshifter's - Fantasy
Published February 11th 2015


Ginny Reed is smart and sassy, and she doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut. She knows everything there is to know about vampires and works as a paranormal crime investigator. She’s good at her job and understands vampires more than humans, so she solves her cases easily.

Nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong. When she's assigned to investigate a crime in dragon territory, she'll realize just how much she knows – or doesn't know – about dragons. What she does know, though, is that she won't become like one of those submissive dragonesses; that's not her style.

Cedric, one of the fiercest warriors in Clan Spitfire, doesn't like diplomats, investigators, or anything that smells of bureaucracy. In fact, he actually dislikes non-shifters. When he is assigned to babysit a femalehuman investigator assigned to his clan, he decides to make her life a living hell. He'll soon realize that he might be vulnerable to the human's charms...

Claimed by the Dragon is the first book (14,000 words or about 60 pages) in a dragon BBW serial and ends in a cliffhanger. This is not a standalone book.

Content warning: This book contains profanity, adult language and steamy scenes between a handsome dragon shifter and a curvy woman. It is only suitable for mature readers.



Claimed by the Dragon is divide into parts. Part one is a freebie. It gives you a tiny taste of the world, cultures, and creatures the author has created. 

Ginny is an investigate and sent into Dragon Territory, even though she knows nothing about dragons, to solve a murder. Cedric is an arrogant dragon who does not like non-shifters. 

I am not really sure how to rate a book that is in pieces. When I pick up a book I want the whole thing, not just part of the story. I did find the world and creatures interesting. I can’t give you any real idea or feeling on the characters. The story is just to short to get an accurate feel on them and the relationship they have. Where the author ends this part, well, it’s a cliffhanger. Things where just starting to get good when bam it’s over. I personally don’t like cliffhangers unless its a full book and the next clarify’s that cliffhanger. 

Claimed by the Dragon is very short, ends on a cliffhanger and is part one of three. Nothing romantic or claiming wise happens in this first part. All we get is an introduction to our characters and how the world works with a little mystery into a murder that happened.

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Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

I really dislike serials. It seems like a ploy just to get us buy multiple books. I would rather pay $1.99 for the full book that one part free, then $.99 for the next two parts.

anna (herding cats & burning soup)

I just can’t get on board with these serials. I don’t understand it really. Just put the three parts together.