Mini Review: Redemption (Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #4) by Bonnie Vanak

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Redemption Book Cover Redemption
Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #4
Bonnie Vanak
Paranormal Romance - Shapeshifter's
July 14th 2015
Bought part of Dark and Damaged Box Set


A cursed alpha wolf promises to free an enslaved Mage if she mates with him so he can sire an heir, not realizing she can destroy the dark secret keeping his pack alive.



** Read as part of the Dark and Damaged: Eight Tortured Heroes of Paranormal Romance **

~ 4 Redemption Stars ~

Redemption is book four in the Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini by Bonnie Vanak. This little book packs a fair amount of story into it.

I’ve tried Ms. Vanak Werewolves of Montana series and those did not impress or leave an imprint on me to read more, but the Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini series, at least this book Redemption, really drew me in. It was an intriguing tail that placed two determined people on a collision course with destiny and each other.

There where several areas that I got very emotionally involved and felt for both our leads Robert and Aurora. Robert runs hot and cold on his emotions, I get it, but it was very hard to read; especially how he acts towards Aurora at times. As for Aurora, the portrayal of her loneliness was magnificent and I felt deeply for her. We also get a few surprises, twist, and turns that add to the story.

The only thing I did not like are the wizards in this series. They seam cruel and petty.

Redemption was an emotional and captivating read. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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