Mini Review: The Resurrection Of Sam Sloan (Beyond #2.5) by Erin Quinn

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The Resurrection Of Sam Sloan Book Cover The Resurrection Of Sam Sloan
Beyond #2.5
Erin Quinn
Paranormal Romance - Ghosts
Lucky Me Publishing
July 16th 2015
Bought part of the Dark and Damaged Box Set


Trapped in the body of a human, the Reaper is about to fall in love with a woman he was never meant to have . . . 

When a reaper is trapped in Maggie’s estranged husband’s body, she knows only that the man with her husband’s eyes feels like a stranger . . . a compelling, seductive stranger who touches her in ways her treacherous husband never could. She wants to trust him, but how can she forget the past? And what about the ghost who haunts their home, implicating him in a gruesome murder .



** Read as part of the Dark and Damaged: Eight Tortured Heroes of Paranormal Romance **

~ 3.5 Stars ~

The Resurrection of Sam Sloan is a short novella #2.5 in the Beyond series by Erin Quinn. The author packed a fair amount of story into this little novella.

I was immersed. It’s a little dark, creepy, and fun. I have not read many books on Reapers, so it was a different change. Very much enjoyed!

Sam is not a bad guy, just a man trying to protect his family at all cost. The Reaper comes into play when Sam is dyeing and something unusual happens. He ends up getting himself stuck in Sam’s body. I liked the slow acclimation of the Reaper into Sam’s body. Maggie, she has lost so much in her life and held it all together as best she could. It was hard reading about her struggles, but in the end she found happiness.

The Resurrection of Sam Sloan is a unique story with an interesting concept and a little mystery.

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