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The Unyielding

The Unyielding(Call of Crows #3)
by Shelly Laurenston
Expected publication: March 28th 2017 by Kensington
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Stieg Engstrom, Angriest Viking Ever, has got big problems. The human Viking Clans of earth are in danger of being obliterated—along with the rest of the world—and the only one who may be able to save them is a super pain-in-the-ass Crow. Most people annoy Stieg, but this is the one woman he really can’t stand…

Erin Amsel loves being a Crow! Why wouldn’t she when the other Viking Clans are so hilariously arrogant and humorless? She’s not about to let all that come to an end! She just didn’t expect to be shoulder to shoulder in battle with Stieg. Then again, he’s so easy to torment—and also kind of cute.

With the future of the world riding on them, Stieg knows he’ll have to put aside his desperate need to kiss the smirk right off Erin’s face. Wait. What? He didn’t mean that—did he? No! They have one goal: To conquer the idiots. Because nothing bugs Stieg more than when idiots win. If only he can keep himself from suddenly acting like one…


Her Mad Dragon

Her Mad Dragon(Dragon Guards #15)
by Julia Mills
Expected publication: August 16th 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book 15 in the Dragon Guard series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, but it is advisable to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.

One lone dragon pulled from his mountain to save the clan he’s sworn fealty to and the only family he’s ever known.

One Grand Priestess, the most magical witch of her time, the leader of her kind, and a survivor of torture.

Two powerful beings, blessed by the Goddess, destined by the Universe… a couple unlike any other.

Can their combined magic, all the love that they have and a faith in all they hold dear be enough to defeat the evil that’s sworn to destroy them all?

Only Destiny knows… And Fate Will Not Be Denied

This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.


Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight(Charley Davidson #11)
by Darynda Jones
Expected publication: January 24th 2017 by St. Martin’s Griffin
Genre: Paranormal Romance – Urban Fantasy

Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the eleventh installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series.

A typical day in the life of Charley Davidson involves cheating husbands, missing people, errant wives, philandering business owners, and oh yeah…demons, hell hounds, evil gods, and dead people. Lots and lots of dead people. As a part time Private Investigator and full-time Grim Reaper, Charley has to balance the good, the bad, the undead, and those who want her dead. In this eleventh installment, Charley is learning to make peace with the fact that she is a goddess with all kinds of power and that her own daughter has been born to save the world from total destruction. But the forces of hell are determined to see Charley banished forever to the darkest corners of another dimension. With the son of Satan himself as her husband and world-rocking lover, maybe Charley can find a way to have her happily ever after after all.


Defy the Dawn

Defy the Dawn(Midnight Breed #14)
by Lara Adrian
Expected publication: August 31st 2016 by Lara Adrian, LLC
Genre: Paranormal Romance – Urban Fantasy – ScFi

An immortal warrior must decide between loyalty to his people and desire for a beautiful Breed female determined to bring a powerful enemy to justice at any cost, in this new novel in the “steamy and intense” (Publishers Weekly) Midnight Breed vampire romance series from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian.



Her Rogue Alpha

Her Rogue Alpha(X-Ops #5)
by Paige Tyler
Expected publication: September 6th 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Paranormal Romance

“Does it get any better than this? Tyler…is an absolute master of the genre!”-Fresh Fiction for Her Wild Hero

Former Special Forces Lieutenant Jayson Harmon can’t believe that his war scars don’t matter to beautiful feline shifter Layla Halliwell. Why would she saddle herself with a broken man?

But Layla knows that Jayson is a hero to the core, and that only she can heal his wounded soul. So when Jayson is deployed on another deadly mission, no way is Layla staying behind…


Hard to Handle

Hard to Handleby Christine Warren
Expected publication: February 7th 2017 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Genre: Paranormal Romance


The only male among four sisters, Michael Drummond is no stranger to women’s strength and formidable will. His Dublin pub, the Skin & Bones, is his refuge, a reassuringly masculine retreat. Until a fierce woman warrior from another realm bursts into his life, bringing with her a battle between good and evil…and an explosive dose of desire.

The first and only of her kind, Ash is a lone female gargoyle, a creature destined to protect mankind from Demons determined to unleash their darkest forces. But her arrival on Earth is more confusing than she expected: her bone-deep instinct to do battle is matched only by her untamed attraction to stubborn, stalwart Drum. If they manage to keep the world safe, can they turn the passion crackling between them into a love that will withstand the test of time?


Eden’s Deliverance

Eden's Deliverance(Eden, #4)
by Rhenna Morgan
Expected publication: November 8th 2016 by Rhenna Morgan
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Fate is the life we’re given. Destiny is what we do with it.

Captured as a child and forced into slavery by the Rebellion’s leader, Brenna Haven was raised in near isolation with the utmost cruelty. She knew nothing of kindness, or compassion, until Fate orchestrated her rescue. Finally free, she wants nothing more than to return to her home. To reconnect with her human family and live a simple, quiet life. But her newfound powers demand an entirely different future. One fraught with danger, and a terrifying role in an ancient Myren prophecy.

A battle-hardened warrior and sworn bodyguard to the king, Ludan Forte wields a powerful, memory stealing gift. But his skill comes with a price. A torturous burden he’s hidden since his awakening over a hundred years ago. He never dreamed he’d find relief, let alone be tempted to forgo his vows to the king. Yet in Brenna’s sweet, beguiling presence, the weight he bears is lifted. And when her role in the prophecy threatens her life, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.


Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire(Dragon Knights #10)
by Bianca D’Arc
Expected publication: October 11th 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance

There’s something very wrong in the Southern Lair. The blind dragon refuses to choose a new knight partner, but only he can save Gryphon Isle from the deadly pirate menace. His human friends accompany him to the home of the last wizard, fighting on shore as he swims beneath the pirate ships, rising to flame them into oblivion. Together, they save the day…or do they?

Livia, Seth and Gowan befriend the wizard and his people—flocks of gryphons and villages of near-immortal fair folk. Plots are uncovered, including the magical subversion of the Lair leadership and the theft of a rare book of ancient magic from the wizard that might just destroy the world as they know it.

Livia struggles with her love for both men while new friends find love everlasting in the most unlikely of places. Alliances are formed and strengthened, enemy plots are revealed and through it all, the blossoming relationship between Livia and her two men stands strong…though their future seems uncertain. Will it work out for them? Only the Mother of All knows for sure.

Will the blind dragon learn to trust again? And if so, can the others form a family around him? Or will his stubborn pride, and evil outside forces, keep them apart forever?

* The Sea Captain’s Daughter Trilogy consists of three novels all revolving around five main characters. Book 1 is called Sea Dragon and is available now in ebook and print.


Trouble with Gargoyles

Trouble with Gargoyles(Moonlight Dragon #3)
by Tricia Owens
Publication Date: June 25, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy – Paranormal

Trouble is heading your way, Anne Moody.

A monster is hunting Anne and her friends. Curses are running rampant through the Moonlight Pawn Shop. And now she’s learned that her mother was an enemy of the shapeshifter community. What is going on?

Dragon sorceress Anne Moody isn’t about to sit around bemoaning the mess that her life has become. She wants to know the truth: is her mother being unfairly accused, or was Iris Moody indeed the deadly weapon of the Oddsmakers? And who is the mysterious creature that is attacking Anne and her friends? As she soon discovers, sometimes the truth isn’t what you hope it will be.

From the depths of a dangerous speakeasy for shapeshifters to the city’s tallest landmark, Anne begins to unravel a terrible conspiracy she never expected to find. Even worse, her gargoyle boyfriend Vale stands at the heart of it all. With the Oddsmakers putting on the pressure, Anne is torn between the need to protect her loved ones and the desire to correct an injustice that might require the ultimate sacrifice…her humanity.

Don’t miss a book in the Moonlight Dragon series!
1: Descended from Dragons
2. Hunting Down Dragons
3. Trouble with Gargoyles
4. Forged in Fire (forthcoming)
5. Rise of the Dragon (forthcoming)


Chaos Unleashed

Chaos Unleashed

(Chaos Rises #2)
by Pippa DaCosta
Expected publication: December 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy



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