ARC Review: Haunted by the King of Death (Eternal Mates #11) by Felicity Heaton

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Haunted by the King of Death Book Cover Haunted by the King of Death
Eternal Mates #11
Felicity Heaton
Paranormal Romance
July 30th 2016
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New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Author Felicity Heaton presents:

Haunted by the King of Death (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 11)
A ruthless vampire warrior, Grave Van der Garde rules the mercenary Preux Chevaliers with an iron fist, determined to retain his hard-won position as one of the most powerful men in Hell and his reputation as the heartless King of Death. But beneath the cold façade beats the heart of a vampire torn between love and hate, ripped in two directions by a single ethereally beautiful female—his fated phantom mate.

Driven by her phantom instincts, Isla used a spell to make her solid in order to deceive the vampire who killed her sister’s demon mate and have revenge on him, condemning him with a single kiss to become a phantom too. But her plan took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with him, and with her new life, and the night she betrayed him shattered both of their hearts. Now, he lives to make her suffer through their connection, one that is fading with them as they begin to slip into the phantom world, and she must face the monster she created if she is to save herself and the vampire she still loves.

With a demon from Grave’s past determined to destroy him and everything he holds dear, and the clock ticking down to their inevitable doom, can he and Isla overcome their past and their pride to work together to secure the future they both desire deep in their hearts? Or will death finally catch up with the vampire king and his phantom mate?

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Book 11: Haunted by the King of Death



Wow! Heartbreaking! Emotional!

Ms. Heaton never has a dull moment when it comes to her books and this one is no exception. Haunted by the King of Death will pull at your heartstrings and take you on an emotional journey.

Previously we have seen the “finding of mates”, but Haunted by the King of Death brings us a new element. Here we have a couple that is already mated, but it’s not the Happily Ever After.

I was taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride and I suggest having tissues handy. Their were several moments that I ended up with tears in my eyes. OMG, the emotions Gaven goes through will pull at your heart. Isla, WOW, what happens with her I didn’t see coming. Very sad. Gaven and Isla where not expecting to care so much about each other and the reasons for the separation, lets say I wasn’t happy about that situation, but they needed something to force them back together and confront the past. My god they have a lot of issues to work out; before they truly can find what they need in each other.

The action/battle scenes are as vivid as always. FHeaton knows how to pull an audience in.

I loved meeting Gaven’s family. I did’t realize who he was related too. Fans who have read the Vampire Erotic Theatreseries will love the cameos from all those wonderful characters. I did! If you haven’t read the Vampire Erotic Theatre, no worries.

I will say I do miss the overall plot/theme which the series started out with. In the first three we have Archangel an organization in the human realm that captures, kills, and studies all the different supernaturals. Their was a lot of promise around that sinister organization. I never really did find out if they where good, bad, in-between, or if it was just certain people in the organization. Now the only consistent things are the realms.

I’m still very much in love with this series and their is always something new in each book that comes out. I highly recommend the Eternal Mates series and any of Ms. Heaton’s books.

Rated: 4.5 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Felicity Heaton with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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12 comments on “ARC Review: Haunted by the King of Death (Eternal Mates #11) by Felicity Heaton

  1. I’ve enjoyed this series. I’m a couple of books behind. I need to play catch up.

    • It is a very good series. I’m excited for more and of course her new series “Guardians of Hades” she plans on releasing soon.

  2. Damn, I have read and enjoyed a book by this author ..I need to add more!!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…Sunday Post #228 Cooler days and lots of activityMy Profile

    • I’m still trying to find time to try some of her other books. I’ve read all the Vampire Erotica Theater and of course I’m all caught up in this series. Such a verity of creatures and worlds. It’s also fun to see other characters in other series poop up here and their.

  3. I’m getting behind on this series. I’ve got the last two books (couting this one) and I haven’t read them yet. I really enjoy this series, but I’ve not been in the mood to read much lately. If it isn’t on audio, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. *sigh*
    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted…Hammered Audiobook by Kevin Hearne (REVIEW)My Profile

    • I get it. I’ve had some book slumps where I haven’t feel in the mood to read. I don’t audio, so I can’t fall back on that, but it’s tough when you just want to do one or the other or non at all. It’s a great series and one I thoroughly enjoy. I’m sure you’ll get around to them.

  4. I’ve seen books by this author around, but haven’t red any of her books myself. I like the sound of how this one features a couple that’s already mated, but haven’t found their HEA yet. Glad yo hear you enjoyed this one even though there isn’t as much about the organization anymore in the later books.
    Lola recently posted…Review: Must Love Ghosts by Ani GonzalezMy Profile

    • It was nice to see a couple that hadn’t found their HEA yet. She is a wonderful author to try. I love her writing, world building, and characters. Ya the organization was big in the first three books, but then it kinda went away. We do get to see it now and then in other books in the series, but never get any development on that front. Thank’s for checking out my review!

  5. How the hell do I catch up with 11 books?! Kicking myself for not following this series more closely. I love the world building and the concept behind the series, it’s so unique and the romance is so swoony too! Ugh!

    • Most of the books, this one, can be read as stand a lone. Though I prefer to read a series in order. I know it’s so hard to keep up when their are so many books to enjoy. I’m sure you will get to them!

  6. Wow, I am SO far behind in this series Felicity puts them out SO fast. I have no idea how she does it. I feel like it was just yesterday I was reading book one and now all the way to 11? I don’t know how well my heart will take a beating like this. It would be interesting considering not a lot of authors go back and cause conflict between already mated pairs. With the exception of J.R. Ward’s The Beast. I’m glad you enjoyed this one even though it sounds like it ripped your heart out!
    Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict recently posted…Review ~ Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh @NaliniSinghMy Profile

    • I’m with you. Not many authors go back and write about a mated pair adding conflict or something. I still haven’t read THE BEAST though I own it. Conflict with mates is heartbreaking, but if done correctly can add a new element. It was nice to have something new to experience in this series. I do miss the overall plot/theme which the series started out with. I kinda want more on that or a closer, something.

      I know Ms. Heaton keeps putting them out. I still haven’t gotten around to some of her other series, but this one is my favorite and probably always will be.

      I say she ripped my heart out, but she also put it back together. Very emotional for the characters past and present and all the things that happened in-between. What a journey!