ARC Review: Blood & Fire (Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World) by Silver James

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Blood & Fire Book Cover Blood & Fire
Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World
Silver James
Paranormal Romance - Contemporary Romance
October 13th 2016
ARC eCopy


A Wolf shifter gone rogue…
For Rhys Kendric, banished from his pack as a teen, life as a bounty hunter is good. Women chase him, he can drink any three men under the table, and he hasn’t lost a bar fight in years. Given the job of tracking bail-jumper Reece Chatham, son of the man who’d exiled him, Rhys uncovers an archaic pack practice: taking a blood bride. In a case of mistaken identity gone totally wrong, Rhys is stunned when the bride-to-be sets his blood on fire.

A modern pack princess…
Celina Monaghan will do anything for her father and pack—well, almost anything. The idea of an arranged marriage to a strange Wolf in this day and age has the feminist side of this Dallas Fire & Rescue EMT bent all the hell out of shape. She’s agreed to meet this Reece Chatham guy face-to-face, but submitting to him? Nope, not gonna happen. She’s holding out for a mythical true mating. Then the man she thinks is Reece walks in the door. He can’t be her true mate!

A Blood Moon mating…
Surviving pack politics threatening to set the town on fire and a Blood Moon challenge to get their happy ever after? What could possibly go wrong…besides BLOOD & FIRE!



Blood & Fire was a fun, quick, and sexy adventure in the Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

I will point out that I felt like I was missing something at the beginning, like this might be part of a series, but soon things where explained and the story took off. I think this story might be part of her Moonstruck series, but it does read well enough to stand-a-lone.

Rhys is an Alpha wolf, a Fugitive Recovery Agent, and has had a hard and brutal past. He ends up having to go back to his hometown to recover a fugitive. Things get interesting when he scents a scent that he can’t get out of his mind. I enjoyed Rhys.

Celia, daughter to an Alpha Wolf, an EMT, and a women who has just been bartered off to the neighboring pack, so her pack can stay safe. Ya, much more is going on, but when Rhys walks into her life, she doesn’t know what to make of things. I enjoyed Celia.

This story was entertaining. It had some very delightful sexy times. The action was fast-paced and you are pulled into the characters and what is happening around them. It’s an insta kinda knowing on the mating, but they don’t just hop into bed, some things keep them apart until it all comes to a head. 

I had a superb time reading Blood & Fire and I’m course to check out some of the authors other works. If you enjoy sexy alpha wolfs, strong women, and non-stop action, then you should give this quick and fun story a try.

Rated: 4 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Give Me Books with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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