ARC Review: Desert Roots (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #6) by Anna Lowe

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Desert Roots Book Cover Desert Roots
The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch #6
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance
Twin Moon Press
March 28, 2017
ARC Review Copy


This bad boy won't play by the rules.
Daredevil Carly Hawthorne, youngest of the Hawthorne wolf shifter clan, doesn't believe in true love. At least, that's what she thinks until bad boy Luke Brandstetter comes along, refusing to play by the rules.

Luke is a man with more wrongs than rights in his past, and his scarred shifter soul yearns to turn over a new leaf. Somehow, he has to prove himself worthy — not just to Carly, but to her powerful pack of wolves. Can he protect his stubborn beauty from encroaching evil and earn a fresh start in life, or is love just another cruel trick of fate?

There's more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.

Each book is a complete standalone story -- no cliffhangers!

* A paranormal romance with adult content. The perfect read for fans of strong heroines, alpha heroes, werewolves and shapeshifters, bad-boy bikers, red-hot cowboys, romantic westerns, paranormal suspense, action-adventure romance, and fantasy romance! *

The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch:
Desert Hunt - Prequel
Desert Moon - Book1
Desert Wolf: Complete Collection (four short stories) - Books 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4
Desert Blood - Book 2
Desert Fate - Book 3
Desert Heart - Book 4
Desert Yule (a short story)
Desert Rose - Book 5
Desert Roots - Book 6
Sasquatch Surprise (a spin-off story)
ONCE UPON A DESERT MOON - a boxed set of Books 1, 2, and 3


Well HAWT Dame. Ms. Lowe hasn’t lost her touch. We are at book six in The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch and it’s just as phenomenal and breathtaking as all the others.

We have Carly the youngest of the Hawthorne’s and Luke a bad boy who is ready to turn over a new leaf.

These two complemented each other perfectly. Carly is the wild child and only does one night stands, no attachments. She has some deep issues that as a women, child, and mother I can understand. Some of use, like Carly, don’t want to end up like our mothers. Luke has a horrific past that will bring tears to your eyes when it comes out. He didn’t have an easy life and became a wonder, a drifter, and a bad boy rogue bicker. Their budding romance isn’t easy and each of them have demons they must over come, but when they do come together we are treated to well written and sensual scenes. It’s lovely that they find what they need in each other, peach and tranquility.

We are also treated to some tender moments, moments that define the characters, and heart stoping moments. As always the emotional struggles the characters go through feel so real and the action fight scenes are outstanding.

Desert Roots well leave you breathless and satisfied.

Rated: 4.5 Stars

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Anna Lowe with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.

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