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The Enclave Series

by Jessica Lee
The Enclave #1-4
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Series

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Over 300 years ago, an ancient female vampire turned Kenric St. James against his will and killed the woman he loved. Now, Kenric has found a woman he finally burns to claim as his own again, but he knows loving her means giving his sire another target.

Emily Ross just wanted a fresh start. She’s a survivor, coming off the tail end of an abusive relationship, and craves time alone to learn who she is. The last thing she needs is a controlling alpha male calling all the shots.

Meeting Kenric might just have changed her mind, though. He is wrong for her in all the right ways. But in order to keep her heart from breaking, he first has to keep the hordes of evil vamps from stealing her very breath.



Undying Destiny

What was she doing to him? “Kenric!” Emily cried again. She had to get him awake. Had to get him away from her. The look on his face. The strain in his body. Marguerite was torturing him, and the sight of it was like a knife through Emily’s heart. She bent over and clasped his cheeks, forcing his face in her direction. “Kenric, it’s Emily.” His eyes were glazed, pupils dilated, staring at some point beyond her. “You have to hear me. Come back to me.” Her voice choked. “She’s not here. Marguerite is in your head.” 

Emily gritted her teeth then cried out, “Let him go!” She had no idea if the woman could even hear her, but she had to try.

She shuffled closer, placing them face to face. “Kenric!” His fangs were extended, touching his bottom lip. 

The sight of the sharp points should have freaked her out, but at that point, all she could see was the man. A man in pain. The man who had placed her life before his own.

“Emily?” he mumbled, and his brow wrinkled.

Her heart raced. “Yes, yes. It’s me.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “Look at me. Focus on me.”

“Get out of here!” He shook his head as if trying to break her hold and back away.

“Kenric,” Emily said, her tone dropping to an, I’m-a-woman-who-won’t-be-moved level. “Focus on me. Get her out of your head.”

His eyelids slammed shut, then he blinked, and his gaze bore into hers. Seeing her for the first time. “I said get out of here,” he growled. “I can’t…I can’t promise you I’m in control.” He sucked in a deep breath. “Leave me.” His attention shifted to something in the distance. “Need you,” he began, the words fighting for birth from his throat. “Need you safe.”

“Oh, hell no!” Like she could live with herself if she walked out that door. The very thought had her gasping for air. His head slipped from her grasp, and his eyelids _ uttered. His eyes rolled back in their sockets. The bed jerked and his body stiffened. “Kenric?” Emily lunged forward, nearly on top of him. 

“Kenric,” she shouted and grabbed his head, rocking his face forward. “Don’t you die on me,” she uttered, her voice fierce. “You put me in the middle of this, and I need you to stay with me. You hear me?” she asked, her lips next to his. “Come back to me.”

Emily pressed her mouth against his, willing him back to reality. To her. There was a lot about Kenric that scared the hell out of her, but she realized suddenly that the thought of him not being in her life frightened her even more.

At first there was no response. Only her lips moving across his. She choked on a sob, then poured herself back into action. He jerked, and then his palms were on her upper arms, air filling his lungs. Kenric pushed her back.

“What are you doing?” His eyes narrowed, the pupils no longer human, obscuring almost all the white. “You have to get away from me.”

Emily shook her head. “I’m not leaving you like this. She’s trying to kill you.” She reached out and gripped his face. “Because of me,” she whispered.

“You don’t understand…,” he began, his voice hoarse, as if he’d emerged from a long desert journey.

“I understand you need me. That’s all I need to know.”


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Arran MacLain is a vampire on a suicide mission, driven to kill his former partner who betrayed him and the Enclave they served. But two things stand in his way: Gabrielle, the human female who holds his heart, and the past that won’t let him go. If only death was enough to cleanse his soul.

Gabrielle Steven’s sister is missing. Her hunt for clues brings her face to face with the one vampire she can’t forget. Their missions combine and thrust them into the heart of evil. Will their passion be enough to overcome the pain from their past, or will their dark desires destroy them both?



Undying Embrace

Elle flipped up the image of her sister. “You ever see her around here?” The bartender’s eyebrows shot up, followed by his eyes, which went up and over the photo and straight into her face.

“Why you want to know? You a cop or something?”

“She’s my sister. And no, I’m not a cop—or something.” Elle wiggled the photo. “Have you seen her?”

He shrugged. “Lady, I just serve ‘em the booze. I don’t babysit. Couldn’t tell you if I saw her or not.” He grabbed a bar cloth and mopped up the wet rings off the bar. “So are you drinking or wasting my time?”

Yeah. She was drinking. “I’ll have a Bud Light.” He nodded, headed toward the cooler, and she slipped the photo back in her purse. Strike two. At this rate, she’d end up with a serious case of whiplash.

Two pasty-white girls, dripping in chains and draped in black, crowded next to her in the spot tattoo man had vacated. They ordered beers, then in loud, overly excited voices started gushing about a hot guy who’d just sat down at the bar a few seats away. Each wanted to be the first to get a bite of him.

Curiosity had her glancing over to check out their version of a “hottie.” Her chest constricted, forcing her next breath to fight its way into her lungs. There was no mistaking that face, even though his hair was longer, below his shoulders, and the former deceptive halo of blond hair had been slashed with thick lines of black. It looked as though he’d dipped his hands in dye and raked them through his hair in an I-don’t-give-a-shit manner. Crazy. But striking.

And she’d have known him anywhere.

Arran MacLain.

He tipped his beer up to his lips for a swallow, drawing her attention to the dark shadow of hair along his jaw. He’d tied his hair back, and a large black-and-platinum cross swayed at his earlobe. She shook her head and squirmed in her seat. Damn, he looked even sexier than… Her mind raced back to the Enclave’s former headquarters and the last moment they’d shared together on the staircase. She strummed her nails against the glass bottle in her hand.


Yeah, that was the word he’d used to describe their kiss. She had the sudden urge to march over there and bash her beer bottle over his head. Instead, she tossed back a gulp of the cold, bitter liquid.

Above her head, chilled air blew from the vent in the ceiling, a welcome temporary relief from the overheated bodies steaming up the crowded floor space. A lock of hair from her wig blew across her face. She brushed it back, making room for another sip of her beer, her eyes never leaving Arran’s face.

He went for his bottle again and lifted it to his mouth, but his arm stilled before the beer met his lips. She knew the moment he sensed her presence. His nostrils flared, and his beer made a slow descent back to the counter. Her heart hammered against her chest, and a shudder raced across her body. Another round of Nine Inch Nails’ haunting cry for help filled the room. Perfect timing. She had a feeling that in a few seconds, she was going to need it.


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Guerino Lombardi’s world just went to shit. Turns out, his friend and leader has a daughter, something believed impossible in the vampire world, and word has it she wants her father dead. Something Guerin is not okay with.

Eve Devonshire is a woman hiding in plain sight. Not completely human, but not quite a vampire, she’s accepted by neither race. Her life has consisted of half-truths and disguises, never belonging or living in one place for any length of time.

To stay alive, Eve can’t trust anyone, including the alpha vampire with midnight eyes and a thirst for pain and submission. With her enemies nipping at her heels, Eve has Guerin cornered, and both are determined to get the answers they’re looking for or die trying…if they can fight their desires long enough.



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All she can remember is hunger…for him.

A year ago, Alexandria Stevens strode through the doors of Wicked Ways and into the arms of a man—a monster, really—who stole everything from her. Her memory. Her life. Now she’s a creature of darkness with only hazy images in her mind of that night and a confusing jumble of emotions. A fierce hate…and an even fiercer desire for Markus Santini.

Markus has walked through this world for more than a hundred years, knowing exactly who and what he was, until Alexandria undid it all. Undid him. When a former vampire colleague threatens one of the Enclave’s own, Markus is needed—but only as the dark, powerful creature he once was. And in order to become that, he must find redemption…in the arms of a woman who despises him with every breath she can no longer take.



Jessica Lee is an EPIC eBook Award winner and international bestselling author of paranormal romance. She lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. In her former life, Jessica was a science geek and spent over twenty-five years as a nurse. But after the birth of her son, she left her medical career behind. During that transition, she discovered her passion for writing romance and has never looked back. Jessica Lee is currently published by three houses: Entangled Publishing, Resplendence Publishing, and Ellora’s Cave. In addition, she has several self-published titles available. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America and Carolina Romance Writers.

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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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