Get Social Blogger Event! (June 4-17) #getsocial17


Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup is hosting the Get Social Blogger Event starting June 4th – 17th. 


This is a great idea. Many bloggers have closed their doors or stoped posting all together. The social blogging event helps us get to know other blogs. We can just stop in and say “HI” and maybe find someone new to follow.


What the Social Blogger Event is:
During the challenge visit every blog at least once a week.


If you liked to know more or want to join in hop on over to the sign-up post HERE


I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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[…] Get Social Blogger Event! (June 4-17) #getsocial17 […]

Ed Hoornaert

You like horses, eh? I used to have a horse: Jezzy, short for Jezebel. Ornery critter. After a few months I pawned her off on a neighbor, and glad of it. Thanks for hopping by my blog!

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herding cats & burning soup

Thanks for joining in, Angela! And for sharing about the event 🙂

I had a blip with the sign up linky– it didn’t request contact info from anyone– so stopping by with the link to the kick off post and official linky list everyone can use to visit all the blogs 🙂 Hope you meet some fun new friends during the event!

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

This looks really interesting. I think I may have to go see about joining in!


that’s nice