Review: Raven Cursed (Jane Yellowrock #4) by Faith Hunter

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Raven Cursed Book Cover Raven Cursed
Jane Yellowrock #4
Faith Hunter
Urban Fantasy
January 3rd 2012


The vampires of Asheville, North Carolina, want to establish their own clan, but since they owe loyalty to the Master Vampire of New Orleans they must work out the terms with him. To come up with an equitable solution, he sends an envoy with the best bodyguard blood money can buy: Jane Yellowrock.

But when a group of local campers are attacked by something fanged, Jane goes from escort to investigator. Unless she wants to face a very angry mast vampire, she will have to work overtime to find the killer. It's a good thing she's worth every penny.


Their is just something about this series that irks me. I want to love this series and I do so enjoy Jane, but I struggle. Jane is the type of heroine I like to read about in Urban Fantasy’s. She’s independent, kicks butt, loves tea, has her favorite weapons, and is a skinwalker, something not common, at least to me, to read about. However, I feel I struggle in each book with something.

Some of my struggles have to do with the men in Jane’s life vying for her. I dislike them as boyfriend/lover material. They have all really disappointed me and not won me over on that front. I like them and I don’t; because they all have their own agendas and know one is looking out for Jane. I feel she can and does deserve better on the lover/boyfriend front. Next is all the guilt Jane cares around with her. Every book she has a guilt complex about something. Sometimes it’s about things she can’t control. Not that it changes her behavior, no, it turns into a crutch that motivates her actions and thinking. Last is her goddaughter who keeps trying to reach out to her. Jane doesn’t listen and/or puts her off until it’s convent; which by then things have progressed to the point of no return or dire straits. The child is gifted and Jane should know by now to listen.

With that said Raven Cursed is book four in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter.

In Raven Cursed we go back to Asheville, North Carolina, Jane’s home town. Jane has to deal with a Vampire parley, a witch using blood magic, and Rick going furry. Her life is changing and ever more chaotic.

The book was a little slow going, picked up, then went slow again. It was a back and forth. I wasn’t fully feeling Raven Cursed, but it was still pleasant. I was glad we got clarification on whether Rick cheated in the last book. It wasn’t what I had thought, but he still kept secrets from Jane. If he cared, he would have confided. Yes, Jane kept a big secret, but that secret is so ingrained in her to keep. She doesn’t trust easily.

Their was a lot to enjoy with Jane and Beast hunting, Jane talking with her goddaughter, discovery of the traitor, and the grindylow. I enjoyed the novel.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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Julianna Aislynn d'Merricksson
June 16, 2017 4:15 pm

I have a love/hate relationship with these books also.


June 15, 2017 1:02 pm

I have been meaning to start this series for a long time, I think I even have the first book.

Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine
June 15, 2017 12:47 pm

I haven’t read this series,thank you for the review! ,shared on all my socials!

Mary Kirkland
June 15, 2017 10:33 am

It sounds like an interesting book. I haven’t read this author yet but the story sounds good.

June 15, 2017 9:34 am

I really do need to try this author. I think I have the first book, if so I think I’ll go put it on my kindle. 😉 Great review!

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict
June 15, 2017 8:39 am

Love triangles drive me nuts. I don’t know if I would have the patience to deal with it throughout the whole book. I’ll probably give book 1 a try, since I already have it on audio and see how it goes.

Mary Dellenbusch
Mary Dellenbusch
June 15, 2017 5:05 am

I have such mixed feelings about this series. I have never read one and never do I judge the series by reviews. However, I do tend to judge them by the back of the books and the inside content of which can be found on Amazon easily enough. I have read some and from different books throughout the series. I’m honestly at a pause at this moment. I think at thing point, the only way I’m going to read from the beginning of this series is if I won the first copy or it for free on the sites I… Read more »

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