2017 Disney Family Vacation

At the begging of the month I took my family to Disney. We went to CELEBRATE my son’s 6th Birthday. It was a family vacation not to forget. It wasn’t just my little family, but also both set of grandparents and one set of great-granprants.
WOW that’s a lot of family. 

On the first day we went to Animal Kingdom where my son surprised me in wanting to ride Expedition Everest. He loved it that we rode it 2x’s, but the best ride and favorite of everyone was the brand new Avatar Banshee ride. Pandora – The World of Avator opened up in Animal Kingdom. It’s a cool place and the Banshee ride is awesome. Since it’s a new ride the wait is over 4hrs long. Yes, 4hrs. Did we wait 4hrs? No, we got lucky in that one of our grandparents is handicapped and had the Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card, so we got to get a FastPass for the ride each time we went. So our wait was only 10-15min at most. The DAS card came in handy for a lot of the fun we had and so did the FASTPASS Service they offer at Disney. A 5/6 year old is not going to wait long in lines. We also did, Kilimanjaro Safari, Festival of the Lion King, Tusker House for Lunch, & River of Lights. 

On day two we did Magic Kingdom. This was Birthday day and so we had a special breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, then we rode the new Seven Dwarfs roller coaster ride, did the Laugh Floor, Peter Pan Flight, Speedway, It’s a Small World, Mad Tea Party, & Big Thunder roller coaster ride. The roller coaster rides where the best and ones he wanted to go on over and over again and so we did. 

On day three was a rest day. We did the pool and sent Cullen off with grandparents, so mommy and daddy could have the afternoon, dinner, and the evening together. Parent time is always important. ^_^

On day four we did Epcot. Cullen surprised me again by wanting to go on Mission: Space. That’s the roller coaster all in the dark and most people say at this age it’s to scary and kids don’t like it, but my boy loved it and had to ride it twice. We also did Test Track and I have to say I love how they revamped the ride. You get to build your own car and race it against the others in your car. It’s cool!!! Had lunch at The Garden Grill, Did Soarin’, Living the Land, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Turtle Talk with Cursh, Spaceship, and then over to the different countries we did Norway Frozen ride & Tutto Italie for dinner. 

On day five Hollywood Studios. This is my least favorite park. I think it’s because it’s full of shows and not many rides. We did the New Frozen Musical Show, Star Wars ride, Toy Story Midway Mania, ate at Hollywood & Vine, did Disney Junior and Fantasmic.

On day six we went back to Magic Kingdom to get in all the other rides we missed on day one at MK. Did all the rollercoaster rides again, over and over. It was a great end to a fantastic vacation. 

Besides all the park fun. I walked a LOT. When I go to work on Sunday I walk anywhere from 3 to 4 miles, just at work, but doing 5 to 6 miles a day was tiring. My feet hurt at the end of the day. 

AK: 5.5 miles, MK: 6.2 miles, Day Off: 2.5 miles, Epcot: 6.2 miles, HS: 3 miles, MK: 4.3 miles

Cullen loved Disney and was absorbed all day long. We had such a blast!


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11 comments on “2017 Disney Family Vacation

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  2. So glad you guys had such a great time! Those are the times to really cherish. Those Fast Passes are great I heard. So lucky to have one of those. I don’t know how they can expect a kid to wait in a 4 hour line. Crazy!

    • Even an 1 hour line is pushing it for a young kid. ^_^ The Fast Passes are free, but you can only have 3 at a time. You can see what is offered on the Disney Website or they have Fast Pass places in the parks too. I like the new Disney Bands they have you wear to get into the parks, rides, hotels, etc…
      We had such a blast. I can’t wait until we go again, but I’m so glad my son had so much fun! He is still talking about it. ^_^

  3. Some really great pic’s Angela!!! So glad you all had a awesome time!! Shared on my socials!

  4. I felt the same way when I went to the Disney Studio park (when I went, it was MGM). It was also windy, so many of the shows were altered/shortened or canceled all together. There was a fun Star Wars ride, which I rode like 4 times. I love Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Glad you had a great time.
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    • Ya, the Star Wars ride was cool. They added the new movies into the ride, so it was cool. I still call Hollywood Studios – MGM. It will always be MGM to me. The only two shows I really like their is Indiana Jones and Lights Action, but we didn’t do either one and Lights Action has been closed down. They are building something else their, not sure what. We wanted to do Jeidi Training, but the line to sign up was an hour long and then they didn’t granite you got in that day. They need to do a different sign-up for it. So we didn’t do the Training either. Really MGM is and will always be my least favorite. It’s geared more towards teens/adults then young kids. They got ride of American Ideal and put in the Frozen Musical thing. For girls they love it. My son was eh about it. It was cute to watch, but not my favorite.

      I love MK and AK too. They are my favorites. Epcot is cool to visit especially if you are into the Food & Wine Festival they do each year. For kids the front part has all the rides and cool stuff. Kids aren’t to much into the different parts of the world, but we had fun their with Test Track and Space Mountain.

      Disney will always be fun and having the little man made it more enjoyable. Kids bring out the kid in yourself. ^_^

  5. So much fun! I cherish our family’s Disney memories. Sounds like you guys really fit everything in. Happy Birthday to your little guy!
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    • We are a Disney family and love visiting. Grandparents go twice a year to FL, we got married at Disney’s Pavilion, took are son when he was 3 and now 5/6, and visited several times before we where married. This time we tried to get it all in. ^_^ Thank’s for stopping in Dianna.

  6. My mate and I have been to Disney in Florida a couple of times and loved it!! We will be going back once the new additions are completed. I’m glad you all had fun and it’s no surprise that walking 5000 miles is something that is done though out it all. I was so trued at the end of the day. Love the photos!!

    • Happy to share our family adventure! Ya, a lot of walking and most of it back and forth. We would get a FastPass have to fill in some time before we could use it, so we hopped on a ride then had to walk back to the ride that had the FastPass. Disney is fabulous and fun, but you do a lot of walking. I was tired and my feet hurt at the end of the day. It reminded me that I’m getting old, but I would trade it. My son had such a blast.