Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Nov. 2017


The start of the month me and my family went on vacation to Disney. We had a blast. You can see all the fun things we did here, 2017 Disney Family Vacation. We also finished AYSO Soccer (outdoor). After our last game we had a party. The season was fun and it’s nice to see your child having fun. In the US we celebrated Thanksgiving on Nov. 22nd. We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I didn’t have to cook this year and I was thankful for that, but also thankful for my family and all of you, my followers. I hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Last month I signed up for the Audible Subscription. Now Audible has offered a Romance Package. I couldn’t resist the free one month try and then for those that have an Audible Subscription you get a discount on the Romance Package instead of $14.95 a month it’s only $6.95. Ya, totally couldn’t resist. My library has a great Audiobook selection, but they don’t have everything. I can now get more amazing authors to try. 

What will I get with the Romance Package?

  • The freedom to binge on thousands of romance audiobooks
  • New ways to discover your next great listen from our expertly curated collection
  • The steamiest voices, including celebrity narrators, bringing stories to life
  • Anytime, anywhere listening with our free Audible app
  • Ad-free offline listening


On the the blog: I started a few new features this month: Monthly Library Love and Randomness. I plan to keep up with both. The Randomness is going to be anything. It could be products I bought or fun kid crafts or who knows… I do more then just read/listen to books, so I thought I would share my experiences in other areas of my life. 


I put out a call for help in hosting the Library Love Challenge for 2018 and Brooke Blogs answered. Thank you! She will be joining me in 2018 as co-host. I’m happy to have the help in spreading the word on Loving Your Library.

I found a new plug in: WPDISCUZ. It’s a comment plug in. I’ve been looking for something that will allow you to get an email or notice when someone replays to your comment only, not for all comments, just your own. So, now I think I’ve found it. Their is a box at the bottom of the comment section to click that says “Notify of new replies to this comment“. If you click it before you hit Post Comment then you will get a notice and see when someone replays back.










Congratulations to the winners!

The Black Friday Book Bonanza – Ann S.
Justice For Erin Giveaway – Manual P.
The November Book of Choice – Sandra


Make sure to double check $ pricing. Some books are still free while others are back to their original or sale price. 


Amazon Free – Keeper of the Peace, Keeper vs. Reaper, Claiming Her Alien Warrior, The Siren’s Son, Game of Love, Test Drive, Eternity, Not His Dragon, Captured by Sweet Alien, The Alien’s Mission, Chosen By The Dragon, 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Ten, The Quinns – Winer Valley Wolves Box Set, Just One Bite, King: King #1, Vengeance of a Viking, Fugitive of Magic, Guarding Her Dragon


Amazon Kindle – Wildfire ($1.99 eBook), Promise the Moon ($.99c eBook)


Audiobooks – Wildfire (Discounted since I purchased/own the eCopy $12.99), Magic Stars ($1.99), Gunmetal Magic (1 Credit)


Paperbacks – Tempted & Taken


Review Books 
Thank you to the publishers, tour host, and authors for these lovely additions!

From the Author – Tempting Jupiter (Arena Dogs) by Charlee Allden, Amid The Winter Snow (A Holiday Anthology) by Grace Draven, Thea Harrison, Elizabeth Hunter, & Jeffe Kennedy, & Thrown To The Wolves (Black Dog World) by Hailey Edwards


Ride Wild, Audio: Wildfire, Audio: White Hot, Audio: Magic Bleeds, Audio: Magic Slays, Danger’s Vice, Love of the Dragon, Audio: Archangel’s Blade, Audio: Gunmetal Magic


Thank’s for stopping in and checking out November’s Monthly Wrap!

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I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. I’m an outdoor sun loving reader living near San Fransisco. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. I’m the owner, reviewer, and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. My favorite animals are horses & dogs. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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16 comments on “Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – Nov. 2017

  1. I couldn’t resist the Audible romance package either. My library has a good selection, but being able to grab the indie audiobooks my library never has is totally worth it. And way more affordable than I ever expected from Audible!
    Glad you had a great month!

    • I thought the same thing. I love my library and they have a great selection with ebooks, print, and audios, but with this Audible Romance Package being so affordable I had to try it out. I like that I can find those indie authors and the titles my library doesn’t have their. I’m excited for this new program with them. Glad you are liking the program. Thank’s for stopping in Samantha. Always a pleasure to chat. Have a wonderful December!!

  2. thanks for keeping us in the know Angela

    • My pleasure. Have a wonderful December!! ^_^

  3. Some great reads and that Audible romance package sounds amazing, will give you all day listening almost!

    • Yes, the Audible Romance Package is interesting. I’m browsing and I have picked out 6 audios to try so far. I think 6 is a good number to work through. I still have ARC’s and the Library Books to enjoy as well, plus the books/ebooks I’ve bought. So no shortage of books to read or listen too. Thank’s Kathryn for stopping in. Have a wonderful December!

  4. Some great reads!! Shared on all my socials!

    • Thank’s for stopping in Kathy. Have a wonderful December and thank you for sharing!!

  5. Some fabulous books. Think I have a couple. You have been busy. Thanks for sharing.111

    • Even with my vacation at the begging of the month, the blog was still full of fabulous authors and books. Have a wonderful December, Sherry!

  6. Oh you had some fun with Ilona Andrews this month! I really like the Randomness feature. I think I might do something the same in the new year. I’m hoping I’ll have more time to blog and will be able to have some extra content since I’m so slow at getting through my books lately. I love that I get a notice of reply when I comment, I’m not a fan of the Captcha though. I always get those stinking things wrong the first time around LOL

    • Ya I get them wrong the first time around too. It’s been an Andrews and Singh kinda month. I’ve been reread well listening for the first time all my favorites. I’m loving the new experience. I’m getting some great enjoyment out of the audios. It’s nice to know that you like the Randomness feature. I hope to continue it. I do love books, but I also have a life outside books too, we all do, so I thought why not share some of that. You never know what the year will bring. Even if you only get one or two Randomness posts in then you did it. ^_^ Always a pleasure having you stopping in Tanya. Until next time.

  7. Sounds like you had a really great month. I need to get catch up on Thea Harrison. I’ve fallen behind. *sigh* I hope you have a great December.

    • I’m sure you will get caught up on Ms. Harrison. I’m looking into picking up some of her books in audio. Want to try them out. Several of the Elder Race series are listed on the with an R in Audio and available to listen with the Romance Package. I think I’ll be grabbing them since my library doesn’t have the audios for her. December lots of family will be visiting at the end of the month for the Holidays and New Years, so it’s going to be fun and stressful, but still great. Hope your December is wonderful too.

  8. many great things! Have a lovely month of December!

    • Melliane, Thank’s for stopping in. It’s always a pleasure to have you visit. I hope your December is wonderful as well.