Movie Review: Coco (2017)


Went on opening day to see Coco with my son. 

My boy is 6. He made it through the special feature of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, it was very cute, and then as soon as the movie started he was like I want to leave. This movie is too scary. I don’t want to watch. I really don’t understand young kids. Some movies he’s all into and others he finds a reason to say that they are to scary. 

Coco was not scary, well maybe the skeleton’s in the land of the dead could be scary, but they are not featured right off. We start by learning the story of Miguel’s family and his dreams of becoming a musician like his idol. He finds himself in the land of the dead and meeting up with his relatives, who then go on an adventure. Along the way he and his family learn the true story of his families history and how important family is. 

I loved how Mexico was represented, The culture, the music, and the colors. I loved the musical numbers, the animation was wonderful, and I loved how the story all played out. The colors are so vibrant and the characters where marvelous. The characters and story had me crying at least 3 different times during the movie. 

Coco is a sensational Pixar production. For my son, he wasn’t into the movie, but for me I adored Coco and want to watch it again. 




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Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine

Great review Angela! Shared on my socials!!

Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

I hadn’t heard much about this movie until just recently. Normally I hear about a movie, especially a Pixar, more then a week before it is out, but I didn’t with Coco. I’m glad it was good for you. Sorry your son wasn’t into it as much.

Laura Thomas

I miss having a young child so I could go see movies like these. My son is all grown up:) Now I wait for them to come out on television or DVD. So glad you enjoyed it. Sure looks fun!