Culling The Heard of Books Part 2

I did my first Culling The Heard post back in March. You can check it out here

When I started this new Culling The Heard post, My Goodreads TBR was 1197, at the end it’s down to 1100. I removed 97 books off my TBR. WOW!!

Goodreads is a great place to keep track of all those book you want to read. It’s been a godsend in that area, but unfortunately when I started I would put a whole series or all of the authors work on my TBR. Now I want to clean up my TBR.

My plans: With series books I plan to have the first book on my TBR. If I like it and want to continue the series then I’ll add the next book. As for other books on my TBR some I’m no longer interested in anymore, others are no longer in print, and last some I can’t remember why I put them on my TBR in the first place, so I’m removing them off the TBR pile. 

Here is what I removed this go around:

  1. Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole ~ (Books 2 – 15) Including Novellas
  2. Nightcreature Series by Lori Handeland – (Books 2 – 5)
  3. Nauti by Lora Leigh – (Books 2 – 5)
  4. MacNachton Vampires by Hannah Howell – (Books 3 – 9)
  5. Dark-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon – (Book #5, #25, & #26)
  6. Vampires Realm by Felicity Heaton (Books 1 – 8)
  7. Call of the Untamed (Call of the Lycan, #2) by Michelle M. Pillow
  8. Temptation Unleashed by Kari Thomas
  9. Fast Track by Erin McCarthy – (Books 2 – 3)
  10. Somewhere My Love (Somewhere in Time, #1) by Beth Trissel
  11. Candy Houses(Grimm’s Circle, #1) by Shiloh Walker
  12. Demon Bound (Black London, #2) by Caitlin Kittredge
  13. Southern Witch by Kimberly Frost – (Books 2 – 5)  Including novellas
  14. Vampires in America Series by D.B. Reynolds – (Books 2 – 3)
  15. The Wicked Kiss (Alexa O’Brien, Huntress, #2) by Trina M. Lee
  16. The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) by J.R. Ward
  17. Passionate Addiction (Reckless Beat, #2) by Eden Summers
  18. Tales of the Were: Redstone Clan Series by Bianca D’Arc – (Books 2 – 5)
  19. Slade (Lords of the Were Universe, #11; Tales of the Were: The Others, #2) by Bianca D’Arc
  20. Dragonkin by Crymsyn Hart
  21. Wolfen (Wolfen, #1) by Madelaine Montague
  22. A Safe Harbor (Building Sanctuary, #1) by Moira Rogers
  23. Undertow (Building Sanctuary, #2) by Moira Rogers
  24. Deadtown by Nancy Holzner – (Books 2 – 6)
  25. Mark of the Vampire by Laura Wright (Books 2 -7) Including Novellas
  26. Solo Tu by Mandy M. Roth
  27. Downbeat (Biting Love, #7) by Mary Hughes
  28. Bite My Fire (Biting Love, #1) by Mary Hughes
  29. Dark Angels by Keri Arthur – (Books 2 – 7)
  30. Forbidden Blood (Vampire Venator, #1) by Felicity Heaton



Do you go through your TBR list and cull it down or do you leave it alone?


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8 comments on “Culling The Heard of Books Part 2

  1. 30 books off the list — pretty darn good!
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post: Pre-Order Deals & Giveaways Galore – 7/01/18My Profile

    • It was a total of 97 books removed off the list. I still have more culling to do, but it’s nice to actually work on getting my TBR to something I will actually try to read. ^_^

  2. Wow removing 97 is awesome! Good job 🙂 I try to keep my list under control too! I used to do the same thing with series and it made for some easy culling at first to get rid of all but the first book in a series!

    • I still have a ways to go before my Culling is done, but I’ve made a good start. It’s so much easier to have just the first book in a series on the list and then add the next if you want to keep going. Thank’s Brittany for visiting.

  3. Great job!!! That’s awesome!!! Shared on all my socials!!

  4. I need to go through my GR list. It is full of stuff I’m probably not going to read. You took the Immortals After Dark series off. Are you still waiting to read #1 or did you not like the first book?

    • I still have book one of Immortals After Dark on my list to read. I just removed all the other books and novellas until after I read book 1. Going through the Goodreads TBR list is fun but also time consuming. I’ve found several books that are no long in print or out and others that I can’t remember what possess me to put them on the list. Thank’s Tanya for stopping in. Don’t worry I’m still going to try the Immortals After Dark… that series has been on my want to read for some time.