How to Offer a Daily or Weekly Subscription Option in MailChimp

Finding a how to post for setting up the option of offering a daily or weekly subscription for MailChimp newsletter was difficult for me to find. So, I put this post together to help other bloggers who use MailChimp and want to offer a daily or weekly option to their followers.

First you will need a MailChimp Account. You can create an account and it will be completely free until you reach 2,000 subscribers.

If you are just now setting this up, you will need to import your subscriber list first. Once that is done or if you already have an account log into your MailChimp Dashboard.

1. Go to “Lists” (at the top near Templates) and Click on your subscriber list, mine is named “Angel’s Guilty Pleasures Newsletter“.

2. Then click “Signup Form.”

3. Select which ever type of form you have and open your form.

4. Click “Radio Buttons” on the right menu.

5. Now, fill in the “Field Label.”  I made mine into a question (How would you like your updates?) so that it was clear on the form.

  • Check the box for “Required Field.”
  • Click “Visible.”
  • Then add your options. You can be specific or just say Daily Mail & Weekly Mail like I did.
  • Click “Save Field.”

6. Now your form should look something like this.


1. Now go to “Manage Contacts” Click on “Segments” 


2. Click “Create Segment.”

3. You are going to create 2 segments. One for those who want to receive an email each time a post is published (Daily Campaign) and one for those who want one email each week with links to all of your posts from that week (Weekly Campaign.)

  • Click on subscriber data and scroll down to “How would you like your updates?” or what every data you want to make into a segment. Click it. Then pick “Daily” or “Weekly” option. You will do this step twice, once for each segment.


4. Once you pick “Daily” or “Weekly” click on “Preview Segment.

5. Next click on “Save as segment


6. Last, You will NAME your segment(s) and save them. IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the box for “auto-update” when creating a new segment. This will ensure that anyone that has made changes or been added to the segment will be on the correct list before the next campaign is sent out.

As for naming, they don’t have to match your signup form. Only you will see the names of each segment. I used “Daily Mail” and “Weekly Mail” to keep it simple.

When you are done creating your segments go back to your Lists and you should see your “field label” show up as a category.  (But the space underneath will be blank on everyone listed on your subscriber list.)


Now for the slightly terrible part. (You may want to find a good Audiobook or put on some Music for this part, cause it could take awhile, depending on how many subscribers you have.)

You WILL need to assign each person in your subscriber list to a segment. In order to set up your campaigns; you will need to have at least one person in each segment, “Daily” and “Weekly“. What I did was assign everyone on my list to the “Daily Mail” segment, so that they would continue to get emails like they do now, and I assigned myself to the “Weekly Mail” campaign, so that I had someone in there until others sign-up for that option. (Then when I was done I set up a message in my daily newsletter informing my followers of the new options as well as I sent out a Tweet and Facebook post.)

To assign each subscriber to a segment…

1. Click on the email address of the first subscriber in your list and a new window with all of that subscribers info will appear. (I’m showing you my information.)

2. Click “Edit” in the “Profile Information” section.

3. Update the setting “How would you like your updates?” then Click “Save.” (I put all of my subscribers into the daily segment. **Your subscribers can change their preference themselves at any time.)

4. Use the next button in the top right corner to quickly get to the next subscriber. Once everyone is assigned a segment you are ready to set up your campaigns. (Remember that Audiobook or Music I suggested, yep this will take a while.)


If you already have a campaign going for your posts then all you WILL have to do is go into your campaign, pause it then go to List, then click on “Segmentation Conditions,” select the “Daily” segment option that you just created in the recipients section. (*Remember that in order to edit a campaign you have to pause the campaign.)

For your “Weekly” campaign you will need to start a NEW Campaign, RSS to Email and set it up to go out to your “Weekly” segment list subscribers. Just follow the MailChimp instructions to set up a new campaign. **For your daily campaign it will feature the posts that go up for that day, but for your weekly campaign it will include all posts from that week. 

1. Decide which day of the week and what time you want it sent.

2. Next pick the segment to send too.. “send to a saved segment…weekly”

3. Fill in the campaign info.

4. Pick your template.

5. Design your campaign.

  • With he RSS make sure to select “Titles Only” otherwise it will be to much.

6. Confirm then click on Start RSS feed


Their you go. I hope this How To was helpful. Good Luck!!


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  1. Such a helpful post! I don’t use MailChimp right now, but I’ve considered switching over. Thanks for sharing this!
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  2. Oh this is awesome info, Angela! I have the daily subscription option only on MailChimp because I don’t really want to spend time setting up a segment or the weekly option! But I may try someday!
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    • I felt the same way as you about setting up a weekly. I was like do I want to take the time and can I do it? Well I found something online to help me, a How To like this, but it wasn’t a great post and the pictures didn’t show up, so sad. And, then I had to read the post several times to finally understand how to get my weekly done. So that’s how this How To came to be. For those that want a better understanding, better pictures to see, and more explanation on how it’s done. And, so the weekly is done and now I’ve got both options. Good luck and thank you for visiting.

  3. SO helpful! Thanks so much for the info. I find Mailchimp kind of hard to navigate and it takes me days to figure something out in it.

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  5. Fantastic knowledge share Angela.
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  6. Thanks Angela. I’ve often thought of doing a newsletter and this will be a great thing to fall back on!

  7. This will help a lot of bloggers!! Your awesome angela! Shared on all my socials!!