Review: Dragons Among Them (Kingdoms of Fire and Ice #1) by Kyra Jacobs

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Dragons Among Them Book Cover Dragons Among Them
Kingdoms of Fire and Ice #1
Kyra Jacobs
Fantasy Romance - Paranormal Romance
Samhain Publishing
April 19th 2016


Two secret worlds. One unstoppable passion. A fiery secret that could destroy them all.


Kingdoms of Fire and Ice, Book 1

Prince Zayne Godfrey, heir to Edana’s throne, is betrothed to the lone princess of rival kingdom Forath. While his heart is not in the arranged marriage, he will do his royal duty.

When he finds a beautiful stranger cornered by a pack of wolves, he doesn’t hesitate to shift into his golden dragon form to save her. She thanks him by taking one look at him and fainting dead away.

Photographer Adelaide Miller is in England for a career-making shoot when a bizarre jogging mishap lands her in a dangerous, medieval-like world of royals, wizards and dragon-shifting men. Her first instinct is to find her way back, but the fire-breathing prince intent on protecting her threatens to melt her heart.

Zayne’s burning passion for Adelaide not only jeopardizes the fragile peace between two kingdoms, it uncovers a ruthless plot to destroy his family. Remaining together may change Adelaide’s very definition of home—and expose one searing secret that could forever shift the balance of power in Zayne’s world.


You Pick It For Me post, which featured back in January. As you can see it took me a while to get to the book you picked, but here are my thoughts on Dragons Among Them.

Dragons Among Them was a quick insta-love story.

Adelaide has spent her life behind a camera not really feeling like she fits in. While in England she falls down the proverbial rabbit hole and finds herself in a place she doesn’t recognize.

Zayne, dragon shifter and heir apparent to Kingdom of Edana is betrothed to the princess of Forath. While out hunting he stumbles upon Adelaide and finds himself besieged in sensations so foreign he loses control and the dragon takes over.

The story follows the traditional fairy tale where the prince finds a young maiden in trouble. Then he finds himself falling for her and vise versa, but they can’t be together; because of obligations, etc.. It’s not original, but it’s a fantasy world with dragons, wizards, and magic. It’s got some mystery, betray, and an insta-love romance with a surprise twist at the end.

I didn’t overly care for Dragons Among Them. It was a good read, but didn’t leave an impression.

Some things that I had issues with:

  • Adelaide is given enough clues to figure out that she’s no longer in her world, yet she doesn’t figure this out until much later in the story. This made her dumb.
  • They, Adelaide and Zayne, have sex within a day and half of meeting each other. To quick for my liking.
  • We get more then 80 pages in and we still don’t have an explanation as to why the two kingdoms aren’t getting along and war might break out if the arranged marriage doesn’t go through. I can’t remember if we find out why they dislike each other. This might be one of the things revealed at the end.


The background for the characters and world needing more flushing out. Adelaide and Zayne didn’t impress nor leave an impression on me. They where just their. The story felt rushed and focused on the attraction between the lead characters then anything else. As for the magic their was very little and I felt it need more magic added into the story.

What I liked:

  • I liked the alternate world mirroring ours hidden away with magic.
  • I liked the dragons, magic, and meddling wizard.


Dragons Among Them was just an ok read.

Rated: 3 Stars

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  1. I don’t know why, but I prefer my PNR to be more contemporary. I’m not really big on true fantasy but this seems like a mix of the two. Could be interesting, but I’m having a hard time seeing it pulled off. I’m sorry it wasn’t something you could really get into.

    • We all have those books that don’t work well for us. Thank’s for visiting Tanya.

  2. Great review angela! Love the cover!! Shared on all my socials!!

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  3. Oh this sounds very cool Angela I love fairy tale retellings

    • Hope you enjoy!!