Review: Pressed to Death (Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum #2) by Kirsten Weiss

Pressed to Death Book Cover Pressed to Death
Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum #2
Kirsten Weiss
Cozy Mystery - Paranormal
Midnight Ink
March 8th 2017


Perfectly pressed. Perfectly proper. Perfectly deadly. 

Paranormal museum owner Maddie Kosloski thinks she has the perfect paranormal exhibit for the harvest festival—a haunted grape press. But before she can open the exhibit, she’s accused of stealing the antique press. And when her accuser is found murdered, all eyes turn to Maddie.

Solving the crime is the last thing on Maddie’s mind, but her mother insists she investigate. Does her mother have a secret agenda? And why has the local charity, Ladies Aid, seemingly gone gangster?

In this light, cozy mystery, haunted houses, runaway wine barrels, and murder combine in a perfect storm of chaos. Facing down danger and her own over-active imagination, Maddie must unearth the killer before she becomes the next ghost to haunt her museum.


Pressed to Death was a fun cozy mystery. I enjoyed this one! It’s quirky and well-written. It has a bunch of interesting side characters and as for the mystery it kept me guessing right up until the end.

We get two mysteries to solve in Pressed to Death, the current murder mystery and the Old Grape Press that Maddie has acquired for her Paranormal Museum. The story is mostly fast-paced, but slows down occasionally due to family angst, community happenings, troubled romance, a betting pool, a haunted house, rivalry and intrigue in a local ladies organization, and other events.

Their is a little paranormal element, which I thoroughly enjoy, but it’s not overly prevalent. We have GD the cat who see’s ghosts in the Paranormal Museum, we have the Paranormal Museum that has all these old items that may or may not be haunted or cursed, and a few characters that we get hits of that may or may not be fully human.

The mysteries where both quiet enjoyable and I had a lot of fun following Maddie around as she tries to figure it all out and still keep her Paranormal Museum running.

That said, I could have done without the romance in this one. It was depressing and included the ex coming back into Mason’s life. I dislike ex’s returning. Even though the romance takes backstage to the mysteries, it still took away from me fully enjoying the whole story; because It made me feel that Mason was a douche and sad for Maddie because of the choice she had to make in the end.

I had a delightful time reading Pressed to Death and can’t wait to read book three. My only down side was the personal romance life for Maddie.

Rated: 3.5 Stars

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I have really started enjoying paranormal cozy mysteries. It’s too bad about the romance thing – I like just a hint of romance in my cozies, if at all. Hope the next one is better for you!

Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine

Awesome review angela,shared on all my socials!!


I like books like that from time to time!

Angela @ Simply Angela

I’m always looking for a fun and unique cozy and this one sound like my cuppa! Too bad the ex showed up, I hate when that happens! Great review!


I kind of like it when the ex shows up if they are rejected and the couple is stronger for it. I mean when the person knows they are in a MUCH better relationship now. Anne – Books of My Heart