Review: Dead Beat (The Dresden Files #7) by Jim Butcher

Dead Beat Book Cover Dead Beat
The Dresden Files #7
Jim Butcher
Urban Fantasy - Science Fiction Fantasy
May 3rd 2005


Paranormal investigations are Harry Dresden’s business and Chicago is his beat, as he tries to bring law and order to a world of wizards and monsters that exists alongside everyday life. And though most inhabitants of the Windy City don’t believe in magic, the Special Investigations Department of the Chicago PD knows better.

Karrin Murphy is the head of S. I. and Harry’s good friend. So when a killer vampire threatens to destroy Murphy’s reputation unless Harry does her bidding, he has no choice. The vampire wants the Word of Kemmler (whatever that is) and all the power that comes with it. Now, Harry is in a race against time—and six merciless necromancers—to find the Word before Chicago experiences a Halloween night to wake the dead...


Well I always feel like I’m missing something when I start these books. It could be because I’m taking my time before picking up the next book or it could be the time frame within the books themselves.

**Possible Spoilers Below**
I tried to be vague on those areas that might be spolierish.

Dead Beat takes place about a year after Blood Rites. Harry has his half-brother Thomas living with him still. Thomas is having trouble adjusting to normal life or what is consider normal. What is a Vampire to do? Harry also has a new pet, Mouse, which he picked up in Blood Rites. I do like the addition of a dog.

When we get started Murphy is going on vacation with Kincaid. Harry’s not happy about this, but he doesn’t stop her and so no Murphy for our story. I was sad to not have Murphy around, but it added a new feel to the story.

We see that Harry has been distancing himself from everyone. He’s not sharing and he needs to talk to someone. Everything he’s dealing with is bottled up inside. One issue he has is the Demon mark he received a few books back. It’s starting to affect him. Besides all the other previous issues he has.

Now enter in the bad wizards, necromancy, oh my and the possibilities of one become a god. Ya, Harry’s got his work cut out for himself in stoping this. He also leans some disturbing news about the war with the Red Court and the deaths of hundreds of wizards. The wizards are losing and it doesn’t look good for anyone. Last, we get to see Harry offered a Warden position. He is doing the job of a Warden, but without the pay and benefits it has. Does he take the offer?

The novel is a little slow going until the last 25% or so when we get the big battle scene and the climax of the story. For most of this book Harry is running around looking for the Word, a book. He meets up with some others, the bad guys, who are also looking and away they go to see who will get the Word first and either become a god or stop the show.

Dead Beat was an delightful and entertaining read. It was a bit slow, but still had all the Harry fun that I have come to like and enjoy from the series. If you are an Urban Fantasy fan then I recommend picking up The Dresden Files series.

Rated: 4 Stars

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I have loved them all but only listen on audio. James Marsters is awesome. I think it adds much to the humor and flow of the story. Try to get them on audio if you can. They have them all at my library but then I bought every single one on audio. I’m up to date now, just waiting for Peace Talks like the rest of the crowd. Anne – Books of My Heart

Laura Thomas

I’m more curious about this series now. This far into it and you are still enjoying the books. That’s a good sign!

Kathy Valentine
Kathy Valentine

Awesome review angela!! Shared on all my socials!!😉💖


I love this series – it is AMAZING in audiobook format (I’ve listened to the all). I pretty much binge-listened to them. Anyhow, it’s been a while since I listened to this one. If I recall, I felt it was one of the less spectacular books, but everything REALLY PICKS UP after this one. I hope you continue to enjoy!

Angela @ Simply Angela

I’ve been wanting to check out this series, I just keep forgetting about it. I’ve now added it to my ‘must read’ list. Great review!