Hello Spring Giveaway Hop ~ March 15th – 29th

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Hello Spring!

I love spring!! I can finally start gardening, the flowers and plants are coming alive, and birds are back and singing. 


Giveaway Ends March 29th:  One (1) lucky winner will be selected at random by Rafflecopter to win a $10 Amazon GC or a $10 Book. The giveaway is international, as long as The Book Depository ships there free of charge (find that out here!) And, if you are a US winner, I will most likely ship from Amazon – because it will be there for you sooner!  If you prefer, an eCopy I will send a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook edition.  (**Please note: You may only chose ONE of these options!**)  The Winner will be notified by e-mail, and will have 48 hours to respond or a new Winner will be chosen.  Winning entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded.  No purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited by law.

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208 comments on “Hello Spring Giveaway Hop ~ March 15th – 29th

  1. Beautiful weather and blooming flowers

  2. The blooming flowers and warm weather

  3. I Love the warmer weather!

  4. I love seeing all the new babies! Especially cute are the baby Sandhill Cranes.

  5. I like to garden and watch the flowers that I planted grow.

  6. I like the flowers blooming!

  7. One of my favorite things about spring is seeing the new little bunnies scampering across our yard. 🙂
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  8. I like attending the first day of the KC Royals baseball season each SPRING.

  9. The weather and the flowers

  10. I like planting my flowers and vegetables, setting up my fairy garden, hanging out my clothes, mowing the grass, and opening all the windows.

  11. love warmer weather, flip flops, going outside and flowers blooming

  12. I love the nicer weather and the flowers.

  13. The pretty flowers.

  14. I enjoy the flowers and warm weather.

  15. I enjoy the warmer weather and love seeing the Spring flowers blooming.

  16. I love the weather the most and the baby birds!!

  17. I really enjoy walking and biking outside and gardening! I hit the gym in the colder months, but working out outdoors has always been something I love to do.

  18. I enjoy seeing the flowers bloom and the weather as it is not too cold or hot.

  19. The daffodils blooming

  20. I enjoy getting outside and enjoying the warm weather.

  21. I love that I can wear shorts and t-shirts in the spring.

  22. I love working in my flower garden and deciding which new flowers I will be adding to replace the ones that didn’t last the winter.

  23. I enjoy the warm weather.

  24. other than pollen..everything.
    Easter, my birthday, vacy too


  26. I like the weather.

  27. I love the blooming flowers.

  28. I enjoy the warmth!

  29. I love the warmer weather and gardening.

  30. I like the warmer weather.

  31. Warmer weather, fresh greenery, and lovely flowers–all part of enjoying spring.

  32. I love spending time in my garden.

  33. It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! Wheeeee! (Can you tell that Spring is my favorite season?) I love the new life all around, flowers starting to appear, and an end to the frigid Winters we get here in WNY. Thanks and God Bless!

  34. I like being able to work in my gardens

  35. The flowers

  36. We love being able to get out of the house and enjoy fresh air!

  37. Warmer weather! That’s my favorite. I’m not a fan of flowers but I do love the increase in animal activity.

  38. That the weather starts to warm up.

  39. I like Easter, hearing the birds chirp, and the weather that’s not too hot or too cold. Thanks.

  40. all the plants come up again!

  41. I like the warmer weather.

  42. I love all the flowers in bloom.

  43. I love the spring flowers , daffodils hyacinths and tulips .

  44. I love the planting of new flowers with my daughter.

  45. I enjoy working in my garden with my granddaughters.

  46. I like that it gets warmer and that it rarely snows in Spring.

  47. I love Spring with the greening of the landscape and trees. Everything seems to go through a growing period as we shake off the heaviness of Winter and look forward to lighter clothing and hearts in the Spring.

  48. I love the weather changing and flowers blooming!

  49. I like the warmth of the sun.

  50. I love all the colors of the flowers and the green grass and trees, the warmer weather, more daylight, and the feeling of newness.

  51. Flowers

  52. New life, blossoming trees, and flowers.

  53. I love planting my garden.

  54. I love the warmer temperatures and the beautiful blooming flowers.

  55. I love the smell of spring, new grass and budding trees.

  56. I love the warmer weather during the Springtime.

  57. My favourite thing about spring is the sense of newness, all the fresh scents and a feeling of new beginning!

  58. I love the warmer weather and seeing all
    of the trees and flowers bloom.

  59. Like the warmer temps, love everything turning green and enjoy sitting on my patio without a coat!

  60. I love the warmer weather & flowers!

  61. I look forward to the arrival of dandelion greens in mid April- the unopened buds are delicious in an omelet.

  62. I love the smells of flowers blooming and I look forward to warmer temps and ditching this winter cold I have had on and off for the past several months!

  63. What’s not to love? The fresh air, the warmer temperatures, the flowers, the leaves on the trees, the birds! I love it all!

  64. I love to see flowers bloom and all the pretty colors. Everything just seems to come to life again.

  65. I enjoy the trees becoming green and the beautiful spring flowers.

  66. I love all the blooming plants and flowers.

  67. I love that I don’t have to shovel snow anymore, and that I can open the windows and let in some fresh air. Thank you for the chance to win.

  68. Warmer and brighter, everything turning green again.

  69. The lush colours of the flowers and the green grass!

  70. i love the change in the weather.. being able to be outside and take my son out

  71. I love getting my small garden started and working in the yard to get it all nice.

  72. I love the warmer weather and the beautiful spring flowers.

  73. Spring is my favorite season, I like the weather, the colors on the trees and how everything is starting over.

  74. I’m not a fan of cold weather, so for me, some warmth and sunshine are my favorite things about Spring.

  75. I love being able to get outdoors more and enjoy nature fully. Winter can be pretty harsh where I live. Thanks! 🙂

  76. Its a new beginning of life, its a fresh start to renewing your inner soul, your surrounding and so much more.

  77. What I love the most about spring is that everything starts to green up and bloom while the weather gets warmer.

  78. I love the daffodils.

  79. I love enjoying the outdoors and the warmer weather

  80. Warm weather and no snow or ice, that’s my favorite part of spring 🙂

  81. I love Spring for spending time in my garden.

  82. I love the warmer weather and seeing all the flowers bloom! I enjoy taking walks and being outside this time of year.

  83. I love being able to open the windows and air out the house 🙂 Get some fresh breezes in! Especially after a long, cooped up winter 🙂

  84. I love going on walks and taking the kids to the park

  85. I enjoy the springtime warmer weather and the green grass and tree leaves.

  86. I enjoy opening the windows to enjoy the fresh air!

  87. I absolutely love the warmer weather that spring brings

  88. I enjoy strolling along the flower fields.

  89. I love all the new colors of Spring.

  90. Oh I have to say one of my favorite things about Spring..is the tulips coming up! So beautiful!

  91. I enjoy the warmer weather and the flowers blooming.

  92. I love driving around and looking at all the flowers blooming in spring.

  93. I love the warmer weather and that the flowers are in bloom.

  94. I enjoy cleaning up the garden and love when our flowers are in bloom.

  95. I like warmer weather in spring.

  96. i love the cold

  97. I enjoy the warmer weather.

  98. I love the warm weather and all the colors of spring.

  99. I love when everything turns green and the weather is nicer so we can play outside.

  100. The warmer weather.

  101. The beautiful weather allows for longer walks

  102. Everything feels so new and fresh, it smells divine!

  103. I love when everything comes in bloom in the Spring, the flowers peep through the ground and the trees burst into color

  104. I love the longer days and seeing the trees begin to bud.

  105. I love that Spring means I can get outside and start walking without worrying about slipping on ice! I also love that it means that summer is right around the corner. Thanks for the chance.

  106. I enjoy gardening in the Spring.

  107. I love being able to have the windows open for fresh air.

  108. I enjoy the warmer temperatures and birds returning to my feeders in the Spring the most.

  109. The warm weather

  110. I love watching the flowers bloom.

  111. Both of my kids were born in April, so I enjoy celebrating their birthdays.
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  112. winter is finally over and my tulips bloom-that is my favorite part

  113. I like the warmer weather and working in our vegetable garden.

  114. I like the warmer weather, and the pretty flowers of spring.

  115. I like watching the birds make new nests in the trees.

  116. I love the warm weather, sunshine and flowers in the spring.

  117. I like that there’s no more shoveling show! And all the fresh plants & flowers emerging.

  118. Warm weather and flowers

  119. I love that it’s warm enough to play outside

  120. I love the warmer weather.

  121. I love that the snow melts.

  122. I love that spring brings about an end to the cold, rainy weather.

  123. I love gardening 🙂

  124. I like the warm weather

  125. I like the pleasant spring weather.

  126. What I like most about Spring is that it’s not so freaking cold.

  127. Spring needs to come and heck with this colder weather!

  128. What I like most about Spring is that it’s finally starting to warm up.

  129. I love everything about Spring: Longer days, green growing things, birds singing.
    Thanks for the contest.

  130. Warmweweather, spring rain and baseball.

  131. I love baseball, warm weather, grilling, beer, long days and longer nights.

  132. I love seeing everything look new again.

  133. warmer weather and no snow!

  134. I love taking my dog Bailey for nice long walks he loves them and they are good for both of us. I also love working in the flower beds and getting the veggie garden ready.

  135. I do like the flowers.

  136. I love the warmer weather and I love that camping season starts.

  137. I love the daffodils.

  138. I like that the sunshine comes out and the flowers begin to grow. Most of all I like that the snow melts.

  139. I love the warmer weather.

  140. I love that I can finally run outside without freezing to death!

  141. That school will be out soon and I can spend more time with my daughter.

  142. I love The warmer weather.

  143. What do you like, love, or enjoy about SPRING?

    its all about the weather

  144. I don’t have to wear my coat or long sleeve shirts anymore.
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  145. I love the warmer weather and all of the flowers blooming.

  146. I love seeing my tulips and daffodils blooming in the spring!

  147. I love the warmer weather.

  148. I am so excited Spring is almost here! I love the warmer weather, the flowers blooming and more time spent outside. Happy Spring-is-almost-here!

  149. I enjoy celebrating Passover. I also love seeing all the signs of new life.

  150. I love the flowers and sun!
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  151. I love not having to look at snow anymore! Birds chirping and green grass and flowers showing up. I love spring!

  152. Sunshine, Warm weather.

  153. Baseball season starts! 😀

  154. Sunshine! Warm weather! Not having to dress in layers. New growth and renewed beginnings.

  155. I like the warmer weather, sunshine! and the new spring growth.

  156. I LOVE all the beautiful flowers that start blooming in spring.

  157. I enjoy the warm weather and beautiful blooming flowers and trees.

  158. the fresh sweet warm air

  159. I like the blooming flowers.

  160. first I love that winter is over 🙂 and everything is blooming again. And for those who are lucky even romance blooms !

  161. I love being able to work out in the garden

  162. I love that the weather gets warmer and the days get longer

  163. I love the warm weather, it is not too hot not too cold,

  164. I like the warmer but not too hot weather.

  165. My favorite thing about Spring is the yellow blooms of the forsynthia bushes around my house.

  166. I love the temperature in the spring. It’s not too cold and not too hot!

  167. I like the warm weather and the blooming flowers.

  168. I love all the flowers blooming in Spring

  169. warmer weather

  170. i love the warmer weather and spending time outdoors.

  171. I love that it gets warmer!

  172. the weather 💗🌻🍀

  173. My favorite thing about spring is the sunshine! I love that it stays light later and I can run errands and enjoy being outside.

  174. Spring is all about baseball for our family.

  175. The warmer weather

  176. The smell of the air, the new birds singing and no more snow!

  177. I like not having to deal with snow!

  178. love everything comes alive
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  179. I love the relief from winter.

  180. Sitting outside in the sun reading or listening to music!! Shared on my socials!

    Have a fabulous weekend ladies!!😉💖

  181. I love the warmer weather, the rain, all of my beautiful flowers starting to pop out and my daughter playing outdoor soccer! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  182. The longer days, fresh air

  183. I know its weird but I love when it lightly rains, or spring showers.

  184. I like the warmer weather.

  185. I like the smells. Hyacinths smell awesome.

  186. I am an avid gardener so spring and summer are busy, lovely times for me.

  187. I like the warmer weather, and planting flowers.

  188. I love the warmerweather/

  189. I love the flowers in bloom,the cute baby birds and in general I like that it’s light outside longer and hopefully sunnier.

  190. I love the flowers, fresh air, and longer days in spring.

  191. I would rather have Paypal. I like the warmer weather.

    • Sorry…I thought the Rafflecopter asked for paypal or amazon? oops…

  192. I like the warmer weather.

  193. I love being able to open the windows to a fresh breeze. The flowers blooming.

  194. I love when it warms up and the flowers start to bloom!

  195. I love everything starting grow and bloom

  196. I love the day all the trees put out their spring leaves. Every year, it seems to happen overnight.

  197. Spring is my 2nd favorite season! I love the smells of grass starting to be mowed, the flowers blooming, the weather changing and getting warmer (although, here in KCMO it’s still gonna be chilly at nights – below 30s!). I think the ONLY thing that makes me like fall more than spring is that fall has Football and Spring has frogs showing their faces.

  198. It’s my favorite season, so I love everything – especially the flowers.

  199. I love the fresh smell of new grass and the smell of spring itself! My favorite time of year.

  200. The mild weather is my favorite part. I love the flowers but the pollen is already killing me.

  201. I like seeing all the trees/flowers start to blossom in our yard!

  202. Definitely the weather and the newness of everything. Like a fresh start to the year. I feel more like the year starts in spring. Although I could do without the tornados and storms in the area.
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  203. “What do you like, love, or enjoy about SPRING?” I like the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la.

  204. I love we are finally getting rid of snow and ice and love seeing green grass again and things in bloom.

  205. The warmer weather!

  206. I love the weather in the springtime.

  207. My favorite part of the spring is the lilac blooms they are so beautiful. Walking at the park.