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160 comments on “Star Spangled Giveaway Hop ~ July 1st – 15th

  1. I love to go to Downtown Chicago and take photos in July.

  2. We watched fireworks over the lake at the beach!

  3. Attend a fireworks show and enjoy a cookout.

  4. In July our local farmer’s market opens. I love their sweet corn and fresh baked goods. Yum!!!

  5. I love to visit the beach or relax and watch movies.

  6. July is our yearly beach trip. So excited because this lady needs some time away!

  7. I’m just trying to relax before the kids go back to school next month.

  8. know plans just staying out of the sun and heat.

  9. I love to go to the beach!

  10. We stayed home.

  11. We will be going to the Waterpark at the end of the month!

  12. I love to spend as much time as possible at the beach.

  13. The 4th of July is my husband’s birthday so we always have a big BBQ with family and friends.

  14. i like to go to amusementparks with my family.

  15. I just got back from a trip from Denver! It was a great few days! 🙂

  16. We have had a busy July, we camped and visited the beach many times.

  17. We love to watch fireworks on the 4th.

  18. I love cooking out and watching fireworks with the family!

  19. My son’s 21st birthday is today so we’re taking him out to eat. I’ve spent several days this July in an air splint and crutches due to a severe ankle sprain. Thanks.

  20. I like to spend all the time I can outside with the kids.

  21. I celebrated my birthday on Friday! Thanks for the giveaway! ❤

  22. I have no plans for July other than avoid the Florida heat as much as possible.

  23. We visited a town festival and parade during the day on July 4th.

  24. A friend of mine is coming to the UK from the US in July, we’ve never met before, so I’m very excited.

  25. We had a cookout.

  26. I’m mostly just working but I love to hit the beach with my kids whenever i get the chance. I also plan to visit Cedar Point.

  27. We took our family vacation earlier this July and had a great time!

  28. yes, of course the 4th beach bbq, fireworks and parade
    but, so much more with all our bdays, anniversaries and vacation

  29. Fireworks

  30. My nephew’s wedding is in July.

  31. I look forward to July every year! I grew up in a small town called Munger and we have a potato festival every year. They have demolition and figure 8 derbies and they are my favorite. I can’t wait! It’s the last weekend in July.

  32. I’m taking all of my granddaughters camping at the beach.

  33. just going to stay home this year

  34. My husband’s birthday is in July, so celebrating him is always my favorite thing to do in July! 🙂

  35. I’d like to have the whole family over for a big barbecue sometime in July. We can usually count on the weather being nice.

  36. I don’t have any plans for this month! I will just be hanging by the pool!

  37. I have been able to do a lot of kayaking!

  38. We are babysitting our grandson this summer and that’s always a hoot!

  39. I am going camping in about a week.

  40. I like to take weekend trips to amusement parks that are nearby.

  41. We went a couple of days ago to see the Tall Ships that came into Buffalo NY. So cool! Thanks and God bless!

  42. Just working in July. I also live near San Francisco and wish I could get away somewhere warm for a few days. Maybe next month!

  43. I plan to take my daughter to the beach & to the aquarium

  44. I love to work in my garden.
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  45. Going to have my kid practice driving a stick shift.

  46. No plans for July, but looking for a great deal on a fall cruise.

  47. We like to camp at the lake.

  48. Enjoy the rest of my days off! That’s the only plan! LOL 😀

  49. There are going to be birthday celebrations.

  50. I don’t have any special plans for July.

  51. We have a few birthday celebrations in July!

  52. It’s my birthday month!!!

  53. I had a BBQ with my Family for the 4th of July

  54. Just trying to keep my kiddos busy all month

  55. Went to the beach and we plan to go again this weekend!

  56. I didn’t do anything this year, I just stayed inside , usually we have a BBQ and watch fireworks.

  57. I love to go to the beach in July.

  58. I’m hiding inside under the AC because it gets 100+ degrees here in July.

  59. We love to swim!

  60. we didn’t do anything for the 4th

  61. We had a picnic and went to watch the fireworks. They were great this year. We love to camp in July . We go camping with our children and grand kids

  62. Watched a fire works show with friends.

  63. My only real plan is going rafting with my work.
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  64. We don’t really have any plans for July

  65. Lots of family get togethers!

  66. we will go on some fishing trips in July

  67. plans are lots of beach days

  68. We are spending the day hanging by the pool and then going to the fireworks tonight 😊

  69. My only plans for July is to become one year older.

  70. No plans for the 4th of July but I love swimming!

  71. We cookout and set off our own fireworks and watch the town set off theirs.

  72. The only things we have planned are getting together with friends on several occasions.

  73. Preparing my classroom for the new year

  74. i have no plans

  75. Looking forward to swimming in our pool!!

  76. I like to go to the mountains.

  77. Going to the river

  78. Hoping to see lots of pretty fireworks for the fourth, and lots of cool air conditioning for the rest of it 🙂

  79. We plan to go on a lot of picnics this month, and we’ll have glorious fun on July 4th!

  80. We are going to grill out on the 4th.

  81. No plans for the month, but I hope to spend plenty of time outside in the sunshine.

  82. We are going hiking and then to see fireworks

  83. In July, I look forward to sitting on my deck on a sunny day with a big bowl of bing cherries and a good book.

  84. Any plans for July?

    not anything that i wanna do yet

  85. Just hanging out with friends and family.

  86. We’re doing a cookout and fireworks!

  87. I love tanning in July!
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  88. We have a roadtrip planned to Montana. Should be a lot of fun!

  89. to go watch the July 4 fireworks

  90. We will spend it at the pool or the zoo.

  91. my kids are in camp this month, so they should have a good time!

  92. We have our house on the market so I hope we will sell it and move to a new one….downsizing…just the two of us……..and retiring!

  93. Going to the Parade and then to watch the fireworks.

  94. I want to take my kids to the pool and the beach!

  95. I am spending time with my family.

  96. Nothing but go to work and listen to audiobooks during it! 🙂

  97. We are taking a trip to Colorado.

  98. My sis in law is having a cookout and probably will be going to that as long as its not extremely hot out.

  99. I go back to work soon 🙁 But I’ll enjoy the 4th while I still can.

  100. We plan to go on a roadtrip.

  101. We are headed to Scandinavia where hopefully it will be cooler than it is here.

  102. I am going water skiing on the 4th of July!

  103. we love to go watch fireworks

  104. Not much of anything just try to avoid the heat is all and my sinuses bother me.

  105. We are going to Spain.

  106. We don’t do much on the Fourth of July,my husband will barbecue and we will relax with a dessert,rent some movies,and maybe watch fireworks of the Fourth of July.

  107. Heading to the habor with family for the 4th of July carnival and watching fireworks after

  108. Usually a BBQ and then a trip to watch the fireworks.
    Thanks for the contest.

  109. For the 4th we will be grilling out and shooting fireworks with our family. For the month of July we will be moving and getting settled into our new home. We closed a couple weeks ago and we get our keys tomorrow

  110. I don’t have any plans for July, just enjoy the summer.

  111. No plans for July..stay inside and stay cool 😉

  112. I plan on swimming every day & celebrating my birthday.

  113. We are going to the lake

  114. I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary with my husband this month.

  115. We always have a family cookout. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  116. We are planning a family picnic for the 4th of July.

  117. BBQ

  118. We like to a deep cleaning of the house and get ready for the homeschool year in July. We like to eat fresh fruit and spend time at the pool also.

  119. No plans for the 4th of July. And no plans for July. Just trying to stay cool.

  120. Going camping at the end of July

  121. Just spending time with family.

  122. I’m having a cookout with my besties and their families. Looking forward to it!
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  123. We have a cookout where friends and family are invited to bring a dish to pass. We supply the meat and most munchies.

  124. We are having a small bbq and watching fireworks. Nothing fancy.

  125. I will be watching the fireworks.

  126. I like to go on family bike rides in July

  127. We are going to BBQ party at friend’s.

  128. I like to go camping and fishing in July. And go to outdoor concerts.

  129. We don’t have any major plans, other than spending as much time as possible outside. There will be lots of cookouts, going to the beach, and going out on the boat involved.

  130. Going to the beach and bbqing; thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  131. My FIL is in town, we are taking him and the kids to the parade, going to the party on the beach, grilling out and then going to the lake for fireworks.

  132. I like to go to the beach in July.

  133. No plans for the 4th yet, but that can change at any time. Thanks for this amazing giveaway hop.

  134. My sons birthday is tomorrow

  135. We enjoy spending time at the beach during July!

  136. I will be watching the fireworks.

  137. Finishing up a move, then hopefully a few weeks to relax before school starts.

  138. no plans at all just relaxing at home

  139. going to my sisters babyshower

  140. I am going to have a relaxing Fourth at home!

  141. I think we are going ot a pool party.

  142. The only plans I have for July is stay in where it’s cool, and read lots and lots of good books.

  143. Doing a backyard bbq or two in July

  144. road trip to Wisconsin

  145. Nothing so far. Just beach.

  146. I have no plans for the 4th other than work.

  147. The plans I have are to go swimming as much as possible!

  148. I have relatives over for July.
    Also fixing stuff around the house

  149. We have been in the hospital (in and out). So, really no plans at all.
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  150. I do not have any special plans for July. Hopefully relaxing will happen.

  151. My daughter and grandson are coming over for the 4th of July and there will be fireworks. Other than that July will be quiet as we try to stay inside as much as possible and keep out of the heat.
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  152. Wimbledon starts today! Other than that just the same old, same old …

  153. I really hope to go visit my friends in July 🙂

  154. I’m headed to a subdivision party with lawn games, food, and Kona Ice machines.

  155. No plans yet except taking Friday off for an extra day. Parking and traffic for the fireworks are major headaches here so it is not worth going to them.

  156. We park in a parking lot near our downtown area to watch the Fireworks without having to deal with traffic and big crowds.

  157. I don’t do much for the holiday anymore. Just another day on the calendar in my house.

  158. I’m going to the beach in a few weeks!

  159. “Any plans for July? or Tell me something you like to do in July?” I am listening to the audiobook CDs for “Ready Player One” and I am greatly enjoying the book! My life is crazy!