Kindle Unlimited Jaunt [1]

In July I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday. Now I wasn’t planning on ever doing Kindle Unlimited, but I took the leap! Amazon had a great deal for KU in July. They offered up 3 Months Free for Prime Members & since I’m a Prime Member I joined KU.

Why I took the leap?

  • I love free books and many authors now offer up the first book free to give you a taste of what you can expect. I’ve been trying to read those freebies this year and some have peeked my interest enough that I want to read on. I also noticed several of the series I’m interested in are on KU.
  • The other reason for taking the leap is that a few series that I started reading (bought the books for) are long series or they have cross-over worlds and you need to read both series to connect things. This can get pricey, so when I saw that they are also in KU I figured this is the way to go for now.


I had a plan to read Ella Summers, Danielle Garrett, & Linsey Hall, but my plan went awry and I got into a Sci-Fi Romance kick and picked up Calista Skye and Anna Hackett. Now I’m still planing to read the other authors and finish the series I started with them, I’m just side tracked at the moment.

Here is what I read and recommend:

Ella Summers I like Summers and I’d recommend her Legion of Angels series which I really enjoyed.  I wanted to try out some of her other series that are out and so, I bought the first 4 books in the Dragon Born Serafina, but I soon found out that I needed to read the other series that are in the same world (Dragon Born Serafina, Dragon Born Alexandria, & Dragon Born Awakening) to fully understand what is going on. I was lucky enough to find the full world on KU and have been reading them. I like the books. They are action-packed and entertaining. What I don’t like is that it’s all these different series in the same world on the same time frame or close too. I’d be more inclined to buy/read if they where all a one series title.

Here is the reading order:

  • Mercenary Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 1) – Bought/Read
  • Magic Edge (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 1) – Read
  • Magic Games (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 2) – Bought/Read
  • Magic Nights (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 3) – Bought/Read
  • Blood Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 2) – Read
  • Magic Kingdom (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 3)
  • Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 1) – Bought
  • Rival Magic (Dragon Born Serafina, Book 4) – Bought
  • Shadow World: A Dragon Born Trilogy
  • Spirit Magic (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 2)
  • Magic Immortal (Dragon Born Awakening, Book 3)
  • Shadow Magic (Dragon Born Alexandria, Book 4)



Anna Hackett – I read Marcus and feel in love with her writing and storytelling. Now the Hell Squad isn’t in KU, but some of the other series that I’ve had my eye on are, so I read Eon Warriors, Galactic Gladiators, & Galactic Gladiator: House of Rone. I highly recommend Hackett and these series. I’m not finished read the Gladiators, yet, but I am devouring them. I also plan to buy Hackett’s work. It’s so very good and I know I’ll be reading them again.

Here is the reading order:

Eon Warriors by Anna Hackett

  • Edge Of Eon – Read
  • Touch Of Eon – Read
  • Heart Of Eon – Read

Here is the reading order:

Galactic Gladiators by Anna Hackett

  • Gladiator – Read
  • Warrior – Read
  • Hero
  • Protector
  • Champion
  • Barbarian
  • Beast
  • Rogue: Information Rogue / Desert Rogue
  • Guardian
  • Cyborg
  • Imperator
  • A Galactic Gladiator Christmas (#11.5)
  • Hunter: Desert Hunter / Alien Hunter / Galactic Gladiator (#11.25, #11.50, #11.75)

Here is the reading order:

Galactic Gladiators: House Of Rone by Anna Hackett

  • Sentinel – Read
  • Defender – Read



Calista Skye – Someone said to check out her Caveman Aliens series. It’s set on a Jurassic Planet and all the earth women have been kidnaped and dumped on it. They have to survive, but they soon learn they aren’t alone. The Caveman have no women on the plant and have an Ancestral history/prophecy about The Women. You can guess how things go! I’ll say that this series started out interesting enough to keep me reading, but I’m not wow’d. It was just ok and the 6th book I didn’t care for. I think I’m Caveman’d out! I won’t be reading them again.

Here is the reading order:

  • Caveman Alien’s Ransom – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Mate – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Rage – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Pride – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Trap – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Secret – Read
  • Caveman Alien’s Claim
  • Caveman Alien’s Trick



Hailey Edwards – I love her writing and story telling. She just released Shadow of Doubt (The Potentate of Atlanta, #1) which is a new spin-off series to The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy. I highly recommend this author and any of her series. I grabbed this on KU instead of doing the ARC; which I am part of her review team. I will also be purchasing the book as well, since I really enjoyed it and plan to read again. I’ve bought a lot of her work. 


That was my first month on KU. Tune in next month to see what I’ve read, picked up, and tried in Kindle Unlimited!
Do you have any recommendations for KU?



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Anne - Books of My Heart

I have a LONG list like 0 things I want to read on KU. I am reading Danielle Garrett. I am LOVING the Robert Dugoni – Tracey Crosswhite series, the Melinda Leigh series are great too. I would call the first more mystery (police) with a touch of romance. The Melinda Leigh ones are romantic suspense. Both are read AND listen so I have been doing audio books.


I really like being able to try new authors on KU. It feels lower risk, ya know! Enjoy your KU finds!

sherry fundin

i haven’t done KU but i can see why someone would. there are many series i would like to finish but don’t want to spend the money. i have a ton of free books and i check things out from the library and so far that works good for me

Anne - Books of My Heart

If you like mystery / thriller at all I highly recommend Robert Dugoni’s Tracey Crosswhite series and also everything by Melinda Leigh. The Danielle Garrett books are all there. I have a list in a spreadshee of at least 50 other authors I want to try who are there so yeah. They are things not at the library. I tend to get membership when there is a deal. Then drop it and get it when there is another deal. I should say both the Robert Dugoni and the Melinda Leigh ones are read and LISTEN, so I got them on… Read more »


I haven’t done KU for a few reasons, but mostly because I have so many other books in my TBR and on my schedule that I’m reading. I feel like I’d never actually read the KU books. SO your perspective is appreciated. As for Anna H – I loved her Phoenix Adventure series a lot – but I fell out of reading sci-fi romance as much. I need to get back to it. Her stuff is great!

Tanya @ Rantings of a Reading Addict

I received 3 months of KU with my Paperwhite purchase last year and I totally forgot about it and never used it. Is there a special catalogue for it or do you just search the book you want and see if it’s available? I’m kind of funny about owning my books, so I didn’t think that KU would work for me. I’m glad you are getting so much out of it that it makes the subscription price worth it!